LILLIAN CROOK: WildDakotaWoman — Burning Coal Vein And Other Little Missouri National Grasslands Environs

We spent the weekend in the Little Missouri National Grasslands, camping in Slope County, at the Burning Coal Vein U.S. Forest Service campground, attending the Badlands Conservation Alliance outing, gathering with old friends and making new friends.

While Saturday was cool and windy, Sunday was a perfect 75 degrees and sunny. We also got a brief, but enjoyable, visit with our old friends, John and Jennifer Hanson of the Logging Camp Ranch, just before we departed for Medora. (Note: It appears that the USFS is now officially calling the LMNG the Dakota Prairie Grasslands. I think I’m too old to make an adjustment to this nomenclature.)

My pictures tell the story better than my words possibly could.  I hope you like these. If you go, be sure to do your research in advance and buy yourself a map.  And take water.

Back in Medora, the annual Car Show had just wrapped up, so we only got to see this sweetie when we stopped for ice cream.

Then, hoping for more juneberries, we headed down Scairt Woman Road to the Ice Caves in McKenzie County. No luck there but another pleasant hike before turning our car toward Bismarck and home.

I am in love with sandstone. With what water and wind does to sandstone.

Happy trails to you, gentle reader. Pray for rain.Maah Daah Hey trail

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