TOM DAVIES: The Verdict — A Lie Is A Lie, And So Is A Tweet

We used to tell our children, “When you grow up, you could be president.” Now we know you don’t have to grow up.

Many folks think I am focusing on political activities because I am a Democrat. The fact is, I consider myself an American. I’ve voted for Republican presidents as well as Democrats, since I try to select the person most qualified — not the most popular — and not because they have an R or D by their name.

President Trump (hereinafter referred to as “45”) has brought out the worst in our political dialogue. As an American, I detest lying — probably because of my own 45 years on the bench — and am impressed with fact and truth.

Regardless of your party affiliation, a lie is a lie, and in 45’s land, a tweet is also a lie. I hope most people watch the news to see what has been happening at the highest level.

When 45 accused President Obama of wire-tapping the campaign headquarters in Trump Tower, including his own phone, he uttered a bold-faced lie. His statement was so inherently wrong that for the first time in my memory, James Comey, head of the FBI, asked the Justice Department to kill the lie.

I could devote a book to 45’s lies. But the fact is, many of his supporters apparently don’t care. Veterans are not happy their benefits are up for cuts. Seniors don’t like the idea of Medicare and Social Security being on the chopping block, and younger people are not happy about Medicaid and other cuts that adversely affect them.

Coal miners who supported 45 based on his promises to bring back jobs are losing their pensions. Meanwhile, he takes full credit for the decisions of the automakers’ job-creating decisions that were made long before his election.

He who knows more about the military than all of the generals stood on board an aircraft carrier last week. After being presented with a naval admiral’s cap and flight jacket (having previously accepted a Purple Heart from its owner), he proclaimed he wanted two more carriers like the one he was aboard, notwithstanding it was under construction for three years (or was it eight?) and still isn’t ready. It is the most costly ship ever built, not only in its actual price but in record-setting cost overruns. That didn’t faze him.

For the cost of the two naval carriers he proposed, our nation could provide have free education for all citizens, free health care and other benefits for all. Never mind that in a war with Russia, North Korea or China, one missile could sink any of those giant floating islands known as carriers.

I’m sharing a message from a friend that, I think, makes you think: “Call it the Trump effect. So, with Donald Trump saying whatever the f&#$ he wants and somehow still winning the election (thanks in part to what I am sure was Russian help, which may also be his end), it has emboldened other Republicans to think they can also say anything the f&#$ they want.

“This is a huge deal. It is easy to see who is really with him in the things that crazy people are saying, including our own Kevin Cramer. They are putting a huge bullseye on their own backs. They seem too dumb to know the negative effects this will have on them and their party in the future.

“I know this because people I know, who have hung on for a long time about Trump and people of his ilk, are finally starting to say negative things about these people. This is huge! These are die-hard, follow-like-blind-sheep people. The tide is turning.

“The Trump Effect — and his lies, misogynistic and racist statements, bat-shit crazy statements against all science and factual evidence — will come back hard on their party, since all of these people have come out from the shadows to show their true colors.

“If any good can come out of all of this horse crap, it is that they took their hoods off. Now we can see them in plain sight. And we can see you. We do see you, and you will all be on the wrong side of history. This will be a black mark on our country like McCarthyism. Hopefully, we can reverse the damage already set in motion. Maybe we can swing the Senate and House sooner because of it.

“Let’s pray for our nation and be thankful that our country now can see these people as they really are. Those who have not stood up to this should be counted as guilty to the same degree. Silence, to me, is agreement. Stand and be counted. Or you’ll stand judged the same as your compatriots who have already come out of the shadows

“Remember, Tom, I am your anonymous friend. Damn, I hate having a job where I cannot be more open. But it would be professional suicide.”

* * *

Lachlan Markay, a writer for the Daily Beast website, reminded us in an article from March 3 of another conflict of interest in 45’s choice of cabinet secretaries.

When Wilbur Ross was appointed and confirmed as commerce secretary, he held significant holdings in ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel manufacturer. The billionaire investor and leveraged buyout specialist even sat on the company’s board right up until his appointment.

This is significant because after Ross’s appointment, 45 changed the “Buy American” rules he’d previously insisted would apply to the Keystone Pipeline. That requirement now will apply “only to new construction starts,” filling ArcelorMittal’s coffers with billions … that will also enrich Ross.

Apparently, there is no limit to conflicts of interest in this administration. Yet no one has yet applied the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

As an American, I am concerned that our ill-prepared 45 is facing a mental crisis that should be of concern to all of us. I pray that Congress escapes its current inability to act and starts once again to represent America. Amen.

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