TOM DAVIES: The Verdict — An Innocent Man Would Want To Clear the Air

I’m wondering if there is something in the air, or if it’s only me.

A demand is made for an investigation into communications between the Russians and members of the Trump administration. In the world I live in, I wouldn’t object at all if there was nothing to the matter. I’d tell the complainers, “Have at it!” I would know that they’d find nothing.

That is not, however, what is happening. The chairs of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, both Republicans, of course, privately contacted members of the news media at the administration’s request. They were asked to do what they can to kill the story … because “the claims aren’t true.”

I ask you, now: If someone claims you’ve done something wrong — and you know you are innocent — wouldn’t you let that investigation continue?

I would! I’d want to prove the accusation was false, and thereby expose those false accusers for what they are.

Or would you do everything you could to kill the investigation … thereby drawing attention to it?

The Senate and House intelligence committee chairs have admitted that they, in fact, did try to convince the media to kill the story. Can their committees reasonably be expected now to conduct fair and impartial hearings on the charges they’ve tried to defend the president against?

Some of that polluted water the Republicans — with the help of Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D. — have recently allowed to pour into our waterways must have reached Washington by now. It must have affected their brains if they think the American public is so stupid as to not want — in fact, demand — a special counsel and independent committee to investigate the Russian connection as well as other hints of scandals that are putting our country at risk.

The ghost of Sen. Joe McCarthy must be haunting the halls of Congress. It seems that anyone who doesn’t agree with the administration’s take on events is accused of being either un-American or involved in some nefarious plot to take down our illustrious president.

The national media aren’t perfect. No one is. But they are fulfilling their job to investigate and report the news just as it is … not to make it themselves. It’s hard for me, as an avid news junkie, to stomach the administration’s wild-eyed claims that anything he doesn’t like is “fake news.” But I’m even more shocked, surprised and saddened to see that so many individuals buy into those lies.

I cannot imagine this country at the national, state or local levels without an active, investigating press. Today, it can access so many records using so many techniques that prominent individuals may actually be more prone to tell the truth for fear how easily they can be exposed. If the truth is revealed, they’re anxious to bury it.

Nixon had his problems. By many measures, he was a good president and represented this country well. His well-deserved international image was ultimately destroyed, though, by his personality and his own actions trying to bury the truth of Watergate.

President Trump? Well, you can draw your own conclusions.

Remember the recent military raid that resulted in the death of one young Navy SEAL and a dozen civilians (including children), as well as the loss of an aircraft? While the president should have been in the Ready Room watching the operation he had ordered in real time, instead he opted to stay at dinner with his family and compose tweets.

Military experts have said the mission was not sufficiently planned (not that our disengaged president would have known). The parents of the fallen hero shared this conclusion. They refused to meet with POTUS and his daughter at the airport when their son’s body was returned.

The SEAL’s father is demanding an inquiry into what went wrong. Early word from Washington was that the president would not object. Do not bet the farm, though, on his support of investigating that or any other subject.

● ● ●

Back home in North Dakota, the Public Employee Retirement System, run by an appointed board, has done an outstanding job of representing those it serves and the state. God’s gift to himself, Rep. Al Carlson, R-Fargo, now wants that job to be dropped into the governor’s already-full lap. In Carlson’s world, the board’s not being elected somehow disqualifies them from being good managers.

To Rep. Carlson, I say: Let well enough alone. They do a good job and don’t need your meddling attempt to burden the new governor with more of your personal prejudices.

Speaking of Gov. Burgum, I commend him for his forthright and decisive conclusion of the DAPL situation. Governor, you did what your predecessor did not do. You recognized the Native Americans. You and your representatives went to Native land to discuss issues with Native representatives. You recognized the sovereignty of the tribes. You recognized the work and dedication of law enforcement. You recognized the tribal concerns. You recognized that agitators behind unlawful acts were not reservation residents, and you did everything in your power to assist in the orderly restoration of order, once the courts had ruled.

Had your predecessor acted as you did much, much sooner in the course of events, many of the ugly incidents that occurred could have been avoided. I applaud you for the actions you took.

I see much hope in this governor’s future, and I wish him well.

● ● ●

Speaking of “well,” in the long, long ago, I used to watch roller derby on the tube. It was like a combination of football, track, hockey and wrestling rolled into one.

My wife came home last week from an event at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, where the Fargo-Moorhead Derby Girls were handing out cards for recruiting. They’re looking for skaters, referees, coaches, support staff, volunteers, announcers and many more.

It strikes my fancy! The debut of men’s and women’s roller derby takes place at 6 p.m. March 25 at the Fargo Civic Center. If you’re interested in joining, email them at fmdginquiry@live.com. You can find more information at www.fmderbygirls.com.

I am not affiliated with this group in any way, and they won’t know of my interest until they read it here.

Finally, I was excited to read about the study to restore downtown Moorhead to its former glory. I spent many date nights at the Moorhead Theater, followed by the FM Hotel’s Top of the Mart. Great memories from my high school days! Amen.

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