RON SCHALOW: Cramer vs. Cramer

Congressman Kevin Cramer, rumored to be Donald Trump’s new hairdresser —Have you seen 45’s new flattop? He sets his Twitter phone up there — came to Fargo on Thursday, at the invitation of Indivisible FM — leftist lost souls, according to Scott Hennen, the legendary mellifluous voice of the guy you hear for a second while fiddling with your radio dial.

Leftist Lost Souls isn’t the name of a band, either, so Hennen wasn’t being complimentary — or coherent.

Fargo Forum official anti-Native blogger Rob Port acted like the congressman had ventured into Fallujah without a helmet or flak vest: “Not surprisingly, since Cramer has a sterling reputation when it comes to a willingness to engage with the public, he obliged them by scheduling a town hall right smack dab in Fargo, one of the most liberal areas of the state.”

Fargo is infested with liberals, that’s true — we even thought Doug Burgum knew the secret handshake — and Port once read a Breitbart article about a liberal who broke a window, so you can see his concern. Alex Jones claimed it was a false flag, though.

But North Dakota has just the one congressman, so Fargo is on Cramer’s beat. I think he knew that going in. We all realize that he would rather be rubbing 45’s feet, after carrying the big man’s solid gold clubs, an almost Cabinet position, and looking for errant golf balls in 6-foot grass — with the gators — for four hours. Or sitting in the shade of a pumpjack and enjoying the cool breeze of toxic odors.

That’s what happened to Sen. Oley Larsen, but no one noticed until he started babbling about pot cards.

We had two congressmen in North Dakota, until 1973, when the population of the state was only 633,000. There are a 100,000 more people now, for some reason, so I think it’s about time to elect a second one. Not at-large, though. We Marxist commie socialist lib%&*# cucks in the east want a representative.

Anyway, the congressman came to hold a “Coffee with Cramer” townhall at the Beans Coffee Bar on the left side of town. Coffee shops are notorious progressive hangouts, but the whole shootin’ match was open to the public. It started about 1 p.m. with a Cramer-led prayer for the law enforcement officers charged with evicting the remaining water protectors from the Oceti camp.

Luckily, he didn’t also pray for the Natives given the boot, or Hennen the holy and Port the pompous would have had a royal fit. They’ve spent many months denigrating the Natives, reiterating each word in the propaganda newsletters put out by front groups of the oil industry. A few words were added, such as evil, by Pope Scott. It’s a shameless business, and the duo fit the bill — and then some.

Then, Cramer started filibustering, even before a question was asked by the standing-room-only crowd, knowing that he just had to make it an hour with icky progressives so close. People got restless because they wanted answers. Port described it as shrieking. As usual, he was lying. Has he listened to his voice on the radio? It’s not a mellow bass, Howler monkey boy.

Cramer called the ACA Obamacare, and most didn’t care to hear the health care law described that way. So, paraphrasing the smirking Cramer, all of the Obamacare supporters in North Dakota are in one room at one time.

He was really trying to endear himself to the majority in room, some who didn’t even get a check from George Soros, as is the usual arrangement, as some deluded idiots like Rep. Randy Boehning, of West Fargo think. He gets his checks from the state — and probably free coffee.

In less than hour, the people asked about health care, since the Affordable Care Act is being abolished, and no one seems to know what, if anything, is going to replace it. Cramer didn’t know, so he reflexively transitioned to the venerable “baffling them with bull$#!*” technique, which annoyed a few, but the congressman is a stickler for inconsistency, so he boldly forged ahead.

And the concerns of Muslims, the LBGT were voiced, considering the hostile actions of the president, the lunatic narcissist who Cramer endorsed right out of the gate. I don’t think anybody feels any safer.

Betsy Devos, Trump’s connection to Russia, health care tax credits, ISIS, abortion, Viagra, women paying more for health care, regulations, school choice, community and home health care, food stamps, corporate tax cuts, Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, block grants, autism and Planned Parenthood were discussed, plus how Trump plans to pay for all he has promised?

The star of the show couldn’t resist a little agitating. Paraphrasing Cramer digs, and red herrings, to purposely wind people up.

  • He suggests that the veterans who went to the Oceti camp, have mental issues
  • The vulnerable? What about the unborn child?
  • I’m just not allowing taxpayers to fund your abortions.
  • We have a bunch of people who have coverage but not care.
  • He lies about the crowd shouting down a woman with a sick child.

And when he dodged, lied, stalled or talked gibberish, he received the requisite amount negative volume — and the number of topics broached in a short time frame — plus the time Cramer spent poking a stick into lib&*$# eyeballs, to amuse himself, puts a lie to Port’s, “It was performance art masquerading as civic involvement. A sort of kabuki theater organized by professional activists and staged for the cameras.”

Hennen also lies: “They didn’t want answers.”

The pair nearly had the vapors. Did they forget that we live in the United States? Nobody whispers. Have they ever watched a session of the English Parliament? Are they unfamiliar with our history of bare knuckles politics? Did they notice that this event was nothing close to the rowdiness shown at other townhalls throughout the country, where people were also rightfully upset? None of that matters to these two operatives. It’s not PC to question their pal, with the slightest amount of aggressiveness.

Port goes full Trump the next day. Everything is fake.

Lie: “The local iteration of Indivisible — a national left-wing group created to harrass (sp) Republican members of Congress in their states/districts …”

That’s not why it was created, and Port should feel bad for making up something so stupid.

Lie: “And, not surprisingly, the local progressives showed in en masse to express their hatred for Cramer and President Donald Trump, whose candidacy Cramer was an early supporter of.”

En masse doesn’t fit in a coffee shop, and the event was open to the public, so Cramer had his fans. Too bad the right isn’t too good with the time thing. Hatred? More like pity.

Port conveniently forgets that he was part of the obviously failed #NeverTrump movement, and the words he used to describe Trump and his followers surpassed anything that was uttered at Beans. His memory has many optional components.

Correct: “… it’s not terribly enlightening.”

True. Cramer rarely answers a question.

Lie: “I don’t begrudge the progressives their scream therapy.”

No scream therapy. Just engaged citizens.

False premise: “Who does a screeching sort of hatred, aimed publicly at a member of Congress, really persuade?”

No screechingor hatred, bud.

Extra good sucking up by Hennen: “But Congressman Kevin Cramer is both unafraid and patient beyond measure. He stood tall. They looked really small.”

Everyone was of regulation size.

Game Theory

Then, we find out, it was just a game to the Congressman.

“Part of their scheme is to get congressmen not to show up,” he (Cramer) said, “then they can use that as a talking point” or a “YouTube moment.”

“They wanted a You Tube moment.” — Scott Hennen.

“The holy grail is to goad the politician being targeted into saying or doing something stupid which can be fed into the left’s outrage machine.” — Rambling Rob Port

The reason for Cramer’s visit was for the Congressman to teach these uppity Indivisible people some perverse lesson, not to listen in good faith to the real and sincere concerns of his constituents.

Cramer said he showed up and “exposed them for what they are.”

“I didn’t think they’d fall for it so easily,” he added.

I don’t even know what “exposed them for what they are” means, but it could be that he’s so used to the loving embrace of shills like Port and Hennen, that if a gluttonous mass of adoration isn’t shown to his divine presence, it’s a sin.

Or, unwittingly, as is his custom, Cramer may have exposed something his cruel ideology doesn’t recognize, that we leftists call empathy, soul, or heart.

If Congressman Cramer doesn’t think that he need represent all of the people in North Dakota, and he can waste the time of certain people, for the fun of it, he’s more reprehensible that I already thought.

Malleable should be Kevin’s middle name. He whines about an hour with the unwashed masses, while Port holds his hand, but the pious one regularly excuses an admitted sexual assaulter, an adulterer, a prolific liar, a con artist, a draft dodger, a bill dodger, a tax dodger, a racist, a xenophobe, an Islamophobe, a homophobe and totally repugnant human being. He used to walk into the dressing rooms of young girls and stroll around, for Pete’s sake!

Read up on this Steve Bannon dude, boys. This Breitbart psycho sits at the right hand of DT, and has plans to burn this government down. Wildlife is nice, but what has a snowy owl done for us lately? That’s the gist of it.

The so-called, self proclaimed devout Hennen has the same chameleon ability. And Port finds himself at odds with his base of anonymous cretins, if he speaks ill of old fluffy top, so he avoids the topic, or maybe he has actually been baptized with Trump brand bottled water to fit in with his buddies. Tap water works as well.

All three think an unarmed Native American is more dangerous than a Bakken oil train carrying crude imbued with enough explosive gases (a fixable problem) to nearly guarantee a few towering fireballs every time one leaves the tracks. Over a dozen times, so far, including 47 dead in Lac-Megantic, Quebec. But a Native kid threw a rock, once. Oil barons have money.

As Port writes in every blog, because he is a dullard, “this speaks volumes” about something or other, Well, “this speaks volumes” about these three clowns.

4 thoughts on “RON SCHALOW: Cramer vs. Cramer”

  • Rob Sand February 26, 2017 at 6:05 pm

    You tell em Ron! I feel restrained by red hot fury, indignation and some stupid sense of ND nice. So refreshing to read your rants.

  • Mary Everson February 26, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    I was there. Cramer has no answers to the issues that concern people. We are just getting started and we will not be silenced. Resist.

  • Ron Schalow February 26, 2017 at 9:22 pm

    Thank you, sir.

  • Therese Tiedeman February 27, 2017 at 10:09 pm

    We call him Porky Port


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