TOM DAVIES: The Verdict — Thank The Creator For Lady Justice

My youngest sister posted a comment that is not only funny but sad because it is full of truth:

“When I was little and made prank phone calls, my mother took the phone away. When my sons made prank phone calls, I took the phone away. Apparently, Donald Trump doesn’t have a mother.”

She was, of course, referring to our Twitter in Chief, President Trump. It seems no matter how hard I try to find a topic that doesn’t involve Diaper Don, I keep getting dragged into his unhinged world of comment.

He is speaking to the military as I write this piece. It’s too bad they don’t have a chance to tell him what they think. Trump continues to hold Putin and his Russian dictatorship in high esteem. Asked about why he defends Putin despite his murderous record of killing his opponents, Trump responded, “We don’t have such clean hands either.”

The Donald simply cannot admit when he’s wrong. No one has the right answers but him. That’s why he signed an executive order removing high-ranking military officials from his inner sanctum, the National Security Council, and appointed Nazi wannabe Steve Bannon as a member. The problem is that, as reported, El Presidente didn’t read the order before he signed it. When that fact leaked to the press, it made him angry.

Our CONmander in Chief, who bragged about his business acumen and his successes, is so stupid that he has been representing the United States of America and its government as though he was running his personal companies.

If Donnie had just released his tax returns, the world would know what a flim-flam man he really is. Build his empire, make it look good — and when you’re through, you won’t be paid — because he feels he doesn’t have to.

One is not supposed personally profit from holding the office of the president. Yet after just two weeks, our poor, tired Doofus in Chief had to take a vacation. Where did he take it? Of course … at his personal resort in Florida. Who gets the profit from hosting his entourage and the Secret Service? He does.

The White House isn’t good enough for his family. (He does have a pretty good excuse in wanting his son to continue his education without interruption.) Instead of footing the enormous bill for Trump Tower accommodations for Secret Service and other staff, we the taxpayers will. By some estimates, it is costing us $1 million a month.

By the way, don’t forget that Trump makes money from his hotels. Now foreign governments suck up to him and stay in his buildings to gain favor. It is Trump who gets the profits.

I don’t want to get into a technical breakdown here, but even President Doofus knows that if he set up a blind trust of his businesses and properties, as was suggested, he would have no control. Instead, he’s set up a “trust” of sort (that does not comply with the law) in which he can hire and fire and replace the trustees. The meaning is clear. He thinks the public is stupid enough to believe he’s complying with the law. He is not.

This man insults our intelligence on a daily basis. The very worst part is that his core supporters simply don’t give a damn.

I’m thinking that his support has begun to soften and will continue recede. Thank God, we have two female symbols of the greatness of this country; the Statue of Liberty and Lady Justice.

Trump has been signing executive orders like he’s tweeting, without consulting the people in the know … without consulting informed professionals. He signed Bannon’s poorly written immigrant ban, to the delight of his core group. The problem is, his ban did not include in the very countries that harbored the terrorists who have actually attacked us on 9/11 and in the years since. Could it possibly be that those are the places where he has financial interests and properties?

No court has upheld his poorly drafted ban. (One court didn’t act, which is not the same as approving or rejecting it.) The courts that did take action were then subjected to the jackass braying of Dumpie Donald, who called them “so-called judges” — in effect, personally attacking the judicial branch of government for doing its job.

I like a cartoon that was widely circulated this week: It show Lady Justice jumping between the Statue of Liberty and a flailing Trump, saying, “Don’t worry. I’ve got this.” That, my readers, simply means that our country’s Constitution is binding on every one of us, including the president of the United States.

The man who occupies the White House does not seem to understand he lives in a democracy. He is thinking and acting as if he were elected a king or dictator, and he is neither. We have a system of government that even he will not be able to screw over for long.

I have no idea what the final outcome of the lawsuits over Diaper Don’s immigration ban will be. But if I had money (I don’t) and if I was a betting man (I am), I’d predict Lady Justice is going to kick his ass right back into the background from whence he came. That should force the gutless GOP wonders to stiffen up their spines and finally  react to those acts that are inappropriate and even, in some cases, unlawful.

I thought Vice President Pence might clear the air. But he has said he, too, sees nothing wrong with the judicial criticisms and comparing this great country’s government to that of Russia.

* * *

All my life, I’ve voted for both Republicans and Democrats, including presidents, on the basis of who I thought was most qualified. I do the same locally. But at the state level in North Dakota, the choices have been much worse than limited. It’s called a supermajority; in my world, it’s a stupid majority.

Back at home in Fargo, Catholic Bishop John Folden and some of his supporters have been writing angry letters to the editor of The Forum because of the newspaper’s reporting on a local white supremacist. The newspaper story introduced the man and quoted his statement that he was a member of St. Mary’s Cathedral, where his Page One photo was taken.

What nonsense! The Forum had the right to conduct the interview and photograph the subject where the interview took place. To suggest that it was somehow meant insult the CatholicChurch is not only holy BS (he’s a bishop) but also forgets that the ownership of the Forum is in fact Catholic.

Since the bishop lives next door to the church, and presumably preaches there on occasion, maybe he might concentrate more on saving the soul of the church member interviewed rather than tearing down a publication simply doing its job.

* * *

You can also tell that North Dakota is at the bottom of a prehistoric lake. The Legislature once again has its collective head buried in the sand. While people are suffering — men, women and children — from agonizing illnesses for which marijuana could bring comfort, the legislators want more time to study the whole issue of medical cannabis, though it was soundly and firmly approved by 64 percent of voters in November.

I wonder what would happen if each legislator had a family member with cancer or some other illness in which medical marijuana could lessen or eliminate the pain. They’d pass that law in the blink of an eye. But their personal oxen aren’t being gored, so they listen to the Burleigh County sheriff’s condemnation (oh, yeah, a qualified medical expert) and either want to study it more — a lot more — or outright kill it.

In the meantime, people suffer. They’re using the same logic that’s behind Diaper Donnie’s immigrant ban: It affects other people, not us, so don’t be concerned. To that, I say BS.

I’ve heard so many folks say they are feeling afraid because of who was elected in November and what he is been trying to do. To them I say this: Do not be afraid. Never be afraid. Be angry, very angry (in a peaceful manner) until our elected dictator is either medicated, resigns or is removed.

If Trump is finally required to reveal his tax returns, the world will find out once and for all what a con artist he is. Then he will resign, rather than give up all of his scams around the world.

Never rely on false promises! We now see and are paying the price for when you did. And please note, this is not a paid advertisement. Amen.

7 thoughts on “TOM DAVIES: The Verdict — Thank The Creator For Lady Justice”

  • D. Esta J. Green February 9, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    Having had enough “warfare” in my own life I finding I have little patience with such idiocy. If ever I needed a vacation from all this loss of control in our own government, it’s NOW. It boggles my mind that there are so many people who believe all this gobble-de gook as wonderful truth. HOW IN GODS NAME DID WE GET TO THIS STATE??

    Wild Hawk.

  • Thomas A. Davies February 9, 2017 at 2:41 pm

    The people who didn’t vote is the short answer. Getting rid of the electoral college is the technical answer.

  • Big Tobacco February 13, 2017 at 1:17 am

    This is what happens when you live on CNN. You lost snowflake, deal with it. You and the other tantrum throwers are only assuring his re-election. The only ppl not annoyed and making endless fun of the vocal sore losers, is the other vocal sore losers. Even the majority of liberals are sick of it.
    You all are not changing anyone’s mind. You’re only preaching to your small and dwindling choir.

    1. Thomas A. Davies February 15, 2017 at 11:23 pm

      Hey dufus, he hasn’t won one legal battle, and his problems have just begun. He tries to run the country like his businesss and look how that has turned out. I’m happy you just can’t stop reading my columns so I must be doing something right. MJE?

  • Big Tobacco February 14, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    The DNC has spun right off this planet. It now consists of Google searching anyone associated with Trump, wearing vaginas on your head, being anti-police, being socialist, calling any white person racist because of their inherent birth color, being anti the economy, protesting instead of accepting losing, and being anti free speech.
    After the liberal college students hit the real world, the party will be DOA after they all jump ship from their group think mentality.

  • Thomas A. Davies February 15, 2017 at 11:25 pm

    Thanks my faithful reader, you make my heart flutter.

  • Big Tobacco February 18, 2017 at 9:56 am

    Don’t let it flutter too hard on my account, I wouldn’t want you to use excess oxygen and have to apologize for your over consumption of the fragile and frail mother nature’s resources.


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