DAVE VORLAND: It Occurs To Me — Walk This Way

As I advance into my Golden Years, I sometimes think of the 1969 Academy Award-winning movie “Midnight Cowboy.”

Few scenes in cinema are more powerful than the one in which Ratso Rizzo, played by Dustin Hoffman, after limping through most of the film, tells Joe Buck, played by Jon Voigt, that he no longer can walk.

Joe promises to take him to Florida, but Ratso dies on the bus.

Perhaps it’s an old guy thing, but I can imagine few things worse than losing the ability to walk.

Dorette has been an avid walker and hiker all her life (she did a half-marathon last spring), but for me it’s more of a motivational challenge. In adverse weather this time of year, I do most of my walking in the corridors of the local shopping mall.

Turns out my i-Phone has a “Health Data” application that records distance covered. My longest daily mileage so far in 2017 has been 7.1 miles. Today, I warmed up with a shorter walk — 2.1 miles (or 5,468 steps).

I’ll be out there again before the day is over. If all goes well, my mileage will lengthen as milder weather arrives.

There will be no Scooter Store in my future if I can help it.

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