PAULA MEHMEL: Shoot the Rapids — Fargo Women’s March Call To Unity

May our eyes see the humanity of all people, worthy of dignity and respect, especially those who are clouded in the shadows of an unfair world.

May our ears hear the cries of the oppressed, marginalized and forgotten and those being left behind, drowned out by the din of intolerance

May our lips speak truth to power with boldness, grace and integrity, unwavering in our convictions.

May our minds reveal to us possibilities of open windows where doors are closing and give us the determination to pursue paths where none seem to exist, as we celebrate the diversity of a beautiful world.

May our muscles work tirelessly for justice, equality and peace, showing the strength of those who toil together in hope.

May our hearts to beat with the shared commitment to be agents of mercy and kindness when the cruelty of the world surrounds us and we feel overwhelmed by it all.

May our arms embrace one another for companionship and support for the long journey ahead, knowing that the way may often feel lonely.

May our feet move us forward in unity, for we are not just many bodies, but we move as one body, united in a common purpose and goal to promote peace, to work for justice, and to walk humbly with all today and in the days to come.

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