TOM DAVIES: The Verdict — POTUS, Give Or Take A Couple Of Letters

Many people don’t know that POTUS is short for President of the United States. Well, it is … and for the current president-elect, we can shorten it even better: POS. (Since this is a family newspaper, use your imagination about what that’s short for.)

After the election was over, I waited for Diaper Donnie to enter the world of adults. Such is not happening. On Sunday evening, this childish little man we’ve elected to the presidency didn’t just cross the line. He erased it.

Apparently his wife didn’t change his diaper. He was uncomfortable, and when that happens, he goes to his Twitter. Like so many others, I thought those tweets would stop after the election. But no. It seems that Diaper Man will act like a child (no disrespect intended to children) until 1) he is impeached; 2) he resigns; or 3) he is indicted for treason.

Treason is defined as “the betrayal of one’s own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies.”

Diaper Man won’t release his tax returns to reveal his financial connections and for the most part has nominated people to high office who have Russian ties. Between his undisclosed finances and his appointment of so many Putin fans, one has to ask the question: Why?

Is it because he’s a businessman, not a politician? (I intend no disrespect here for “honest” businessmen.) Will those tax returns, as I suspect, disclose he has financial connections to Russia, China and perhaps other countries? Will the tax returns of his nominees for the Cabinet and top offices show they too have financial ties to Russia and other nations not friendly with the United States?

A true and honest businessman understands conflict of interest. He knows that, in government, you can’t appoint your immediate family and close relatives … yet Diaper Donnie’s children have already become notorious for using the office of the presidency for personal gain, at least until those with well-connected brains insist they can’t. It’s same old, same old — the kids try various schemes to raise money; the media finds out; the media exposes them for what they are … and they pretend they didn’t know it was wrong.

I do believe it when they claim they didn’t know what they were doing was wrong, though. There seems to be no moral compass in that family, with the possible exception of Mrs. D.J. Trump, who seems to be staying out of the crap.

On Sunday night, Meryl Streep received a lifetime achievement award for her work in the film industry. If you are familiar with her work, I’m sure you’ll agree it was completely appropriate. During her acceptance speech, she condemned the president-elect’s imitation of a disabled reporter during a campaign speech. She never mentioned the person she was talking about by name, but everyone — including the man in question — recognized him.

She didn’t call Diaper Don by name. She correctly pointed out how much diversity there is in Hollywood, and how actors must speak up to right a wrong. She has a point. She went on to urge the media to do its job. The editor of one of the largest newspapers in the country has said his journal won’t call Diaper Man’s lies “lies” because “that would be a moral judgment.” (Who in hell has ever uttered “Trump” and “morals” in the same breath without choking?)

Donald Trump hit back at the beloved actress early on Monday morning. After calling the three-time Oscar winner “overrated,” he denied he’d ever mocked the disabled reporter (though the video has been seen from coast to coast), called Streep a “Hillary flunky” and blamed the “dishonest media.”

Our elected POS, instead of taking security briefings to try to get some facts into his ready-for-business-’cause-it’s-empty brain, takes to Twitter to attack an actress. He blew his cork because it was a woman who criticized him!

If Mohammed Ali were alive, he’d slap Diaper Donnie topside along the head for claiming he was the greatest. Ali was. Diaper Man is definitely not.

* * *

Now, off to Florida, where a group of folks were actually arrested for feeding the homeless and the poor. They didn’t have a permit, so law enforcement was called to take action. Maybe I’m missing a cog or two, but I think that may well be the worst use of law enforcement I’ve ever heard of. But, then again, Florida’s governor is not known for intelligence.

Police were never intended to stop folks from feeding the poor.

* * *

North Dakota appears to be looking for national media attention by pushing the limits of common sense. One legislator is proposing to reduce the number of license plates on a car from two to one. I wonder if the proponent drives a sports car?

It makes no sense, since all cars now on the road in North Dakota have two plates. I didn’t see any support from law enforcement for this issue. I’ll bet they too think that having two plates makes it easier to identify a vehicle. Then again, legislators rarely listen to law enforcement, lawyers, physicians or educators when they vote on things like this … the very experts whose opinions should be heard.

* * *

What may be the worst tax proposal ever submitted during my 77 years on this earth is the suggestion that we should tax North Dakota should begin to tax nursing homes. Some dolts think the elderly residents need to be taxed some more after paying into the system their entire lives. The politicians like to argue that they are not precisely taxing the elderly; they are merely proposing a tax on the facility they pay to live in. (Trump logic again). Here’s a bulletin for those who propose this tax: It’s not a good idea. If it passes, do you really think the hard-pressed facilities will swallow that cost? You know they won’t. They’ll will pass that along to the folks who live there. They have to! Get real, and kill that proposal before it gets any legs under it.

This proposal to tax the elderly comes from an individual who’s a holdover from the previous administration. So much for new ideas for North Dakota! But then again, the new governor still has time to get some experience under his belt. I’m not writing off Gov,. Burgum yet.

I’m mystified by the failure of government at all levels to maintain sensible priorities. They don’t provide proper support for our veterans, limit support for the elderly and cut back support for the poor and disadvantaged. They basically limit their support for anyone in need.

It’s easy to blame being short on funds as a reason to ignore some needs. But I have another bulletin for the federal government. If you eliminated the cost overruns runs in federal projects and the military and seriously listened when military leaders say a particular weapon or other project is not needed, there would be funds available for all the pressing human needs in this country.

President Eisenhower warned about giving the military-industrial complex too much power. It’s a warning we have to heed today. We have the greatest military in the world and the greatest law enforcement in the country in North Dakota and Minnesota. They didn’t get their respect by demanding it. They earned it.

* * *

Here’s a final word of encouragement for all of us who are concerned about the next four years at the federal level. As long as the media reports the news instead of making it … as long as the people stay involved … as long as common sense prevails … as long as ethics are maintained and enforced in government … it will be tough going, but we’ll survive.

If Mrs. Trump will take away Diaper Don’s computer, and he starts paying attention to what’s good for our country rather than just for himself, we might actually see a new beginning. Don’t hold your breath; instead, let’s see how much good there is in the power of prayer.

One final reminder. Remember that POS promised to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, with Mexico picking up the bill? How many times did he make that promise on the campaign trail? Well, now he’s going to ask Congress for funds (our money) to pay for the wall. He says Mexico will pay us back. The president-elect does not just think we’re dumb; he thinks we’re stupid.

We need to stay involved in politics at all levels. Don’t sit back and watch. We as a country have too much at stake. These are not Republican-Democrat issues. The issue is the very survival of our country. This will never be the United States of Putin. Amen.

2 thoughts on “TOM DAVIES: The Verdict — POTUS, Give Or Take A Couple Of Letters”

  • Esta Green January 12, 2017 at 5:37 am

    Excellent piece, laughed til I hurt, then got down to business an read the rest. THIS IS THE SURVIVAL OF OUR COUNTRY. Amen Sir. Well said.

  • Thomas A. Davies January 12, 2017 at 10:18 am

    Thank you


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