TOM DAVIES: The Verdict — What Next? Broken Promises

You know we live in very uncertain times. While reading this for the next few minutes, please take off your Democrat, Republican or Independent hat and consider what the recent election means to our children and their future.

Of course, I am speculating here … but my speculation is based upon what I know, not what I think.

For purposes of this article, let’s assume what I’m talking about affects you. Let’s decide if your vote was based on well-known facts or if you were the subject of the greatest con job in the history of this great country.

This is not moaning over the fact that Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or someone else lost an election. I’m talking about what the winner of that election has done in the month since his victory (in amassing electors, not the popular vote) and if there’s anything that can be done about it … assuming that you, like I, believed the promises he made during the campaign.

Donald Trump publicly begged the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton’s email accounts. According to the 18 or more intelligence agencies, that’s exactly what they did. But now, instead of listening to the most sophisticated intelligence agencies in the world, the president-elect says he doesn’t believe them! This, from a man who feels he is too smart to attend daily intelligence briefings designed to help him and bring him up to speed on what’s going on internationally.

Trump’s advisers issued a statement on his behalf. They said, “These are the same people that said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.” That’s a damned lie, and they know it, since none of those folks are still around.

But forget that for a moment.

This is a man who promised the working class they would not be forgotten and that the hated Wall Street brokers would be controlled as never before. Well, he has, in fact, proposed nothing for the working class … but has already delivered on his pledge that Wall Street would be controlled as never before. He’s doing that by installing top Wall Street figures — the same people he accused Clinton of hobnobbing with — into prominent positions in his proposed administration.

He has recommended a retired general who believes in voodoo conspiracy theories like Obama’s foreign citizenship and who tweets false Facebook stories. When confronted with his errors, he, like Trump, cannot apologize for being wrong.

Then, after pledging to “make America great again,” the president-elect recommends a woman to head the Department of Education who would set public education back many decades — who, in fact, has fought it on every front.

What else? He nominates a former presidential rival who at first declined one position in his own health profession on the grounds he wasn’t experienced enough and couldn’t do the job. But then he suggests the former candidate take on Housing and Urban Development … on the basis that he had lived in the inner city and had treated some of its citizens, thereby somehow qualifying for the job.

Next, Trump suggests for secretary of labor a man with morals he really likes — a billionaire fast-food owner who opposes the minimum wage, wants to replace his human workers with robots and advertises his products with ads featuring half-nude hookers suggestively eating his burgers.

We have a president-elect who works all day and tweets all night. In the name of all that is personally important, he skips intelligence briefings but spends his time attacking “Saturday Night Live” and Alex Baldwin by name; attacking a union organizer by name; attacking major corporations by name that he’s not happy with; and last but not least, nominating a billionaire with absolutely zero political experience to be secretary of state, because he “knows how to make deals” and has close business and political ties to Russia.

This is a man who claims to “know more than our generals,” who has a “secret plan” to eliminate Isis, and — after promising on many occasions to release his tax returns — fails to do so.

I wonder what foreign ties those tax returns would disclose. Have we in fact elected a Russian president to lead our country?

I haven’t used many names here because that’s not what’s really important. What does matter is that we have elected an unmitigated liar (that’s just fact, folks). It matters that it doesn’t bother him one bit when the facts about all of his wrongdoing — political, moral, you name it — is made public. He either denies or says, “So what?” Then he proceeds to personally attack those who expose him for what he is.

All is not lost – not quite. The voters of the Electoral College are not legally bound by the election. They could nominate and approve anyone, whether or not the individual ran for the presidency. They could, for example, nominate and approve John Kasich, Mitt Romney, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton or my own personal all-time favorite, Vice President Joe Biden.

When I first mentioned what the Electoral College is legally empowered to do to some of my friends and colleagues, they laughed it off. A few days later, after checking into the subject themselves, they also concluded the college could right this outrageous wrong.

I do not fault Donald Trump’s supporters. Notwithstanding my Facebook teasing, they are for the most part good and decent people. They heard what he said, believed him, relied upon him and voted their hearts.

If someone had told me before the election what this man would do as soon as he’d been declared the winner, I don’t think I’d have believed them. In my worst nightmare, I couldn’t have conceived of the actions and statements he has made every day since then.

It was in case of a scenario like this that the Electoral College was put in place by the Founding Fathers. Its role is to perform a balancing act between the voters and regions of the country … and to provide a way to remedy for any wrong.

We’ve all been lied to by someone at one time or another. But who would have expected so many lies, flip-flops and bizarre fact-free public pronouncements by the elected leader of the most powerful country on this planet?

Trump wants to stay in his New York palace because the White House is such a downgrade from his style of living. Perhaps he’ll move the White House to Russia if he gets the chance. I have but one hope left in this matter: that for the first time in American history, our Electoral College electors will say “enough is enough” and cast their votes for another candidate of their choosing.

They could not do worse than Trump but could certainly improve the outlook and mood of the country for one and all.

Granted, the Electoral College is a long shot, so I can only hope. For senior citizens and the working class of this country, for all the people who want to preserve Social Security and affordable health care, this is time to be concerned.

Now, on an important personal matter: I’m sure you are breathlessly awaiting the outcome of the Davies Christmas tree adventure. Our 10-foot tree was erected and partially decorated by my loving wife. The bulbs were in place and the lights carefully strung. Then we departed the scene, leaving tinsel application for the next day.

Left beside the tree was the stepladder. The damned cat climbed it and launched herself — tipping over the tree.

Next morning, we found the tipped tree. After deliberations, we decided to put it back up and not kill the cat. We got it (the tree) back on its feet, and my wife again did the decorating and the lights and, the next day, prepared to add the tinsel. We again forgot to move the stepladder. The damned cat noticed before we did. She again climbed to the top and again launched onto the tree.

As of this writing, the tree is upright again, with broken ornaments all over the place and lights dangling precariously … and my wife is preparing to do it for the third and final time. Our cat now has three, not nine lives, and only one remains. Stay tuned to see if we’ve finally defeated the flying cat. Amen.

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