JEFF TIEDEMAN: Straight From The Vest — The Perfect Puppy

Her name is Sadie. She’s a Golden Retriever puppy, about 13 weeks old. But she’s already acting like a big girl.

Therese and I became the proud parents of Sadie last Tuesday. At the time, she was known as Charley, the name given to her by a too-busy couple from Grand Forks Air Force Base who made the hard decision to give up the pup.

Oct. 18 started out just like any other weekday. I arose about 4 a.m., hopped in the shower and then took our 7-year-old Labrador/German Shorthair cross named Sweetie on a walk. It was then on to Altru’s Medical Fitness Center, where I work out for about 1½ hours before taking a half-hour dip in the therapeutic pool.

Upon returning home, I warm up a cup of coffee and sit down to read the local newspaper. Then I do the jumble and crossword before getting on the computer to see what’s going on with my Facebook friends and checking out my Twitter feed.

Before logging on to my computer, though, I usually check out the newspaper’s classifieds, not looking for anything in particular, just seeing what kind of jobs are available and what people are selling. Being retired, I also always look at ads for winter vacation spots or lake property, not that we’re contemplating a move, but just being curious. I also peruse the section of the want ads that lists dogs for sale.

We’ve always had dogs — up to four — but since we lost our spunky Cocker Spaniel, Lucky, to old age a couple of years ago and our beloved Sassy (a Lab/Golden cross) to illness a year or so earlier, Sweetie has been our only canine.

We’ve talked about finding a companion for Sweetie, but the idea of getting another puppy that could outlive us gave us pause. Another option we discussed was getting an adult dog that needed a home.

That was until last Tuesday, when I spotted a new listing for free Golden Retriever puppy. It immediately caught my eye. The ad said call or text if interested.

Being somewhat impulsive, I texted, asking about seeing the puppy. Within a few minutes, I had a response from someone at the air base. The text said they could bring the puppy to town so I could see her.

To make a long story short, we met in the Walmart parking lot on Gateway Drive, and when handed the golden fur ball, I was smitten at first lick.

In the week we’ve had Sadie, she messed just once in the house — my bad, I ignored her at the door — sleeps all night without fussing and has bonded with Sweetie. She’s even retrieving a throwing dummy.

About the only annoying thing she does is a little biting, which is a puppy thing. But she’s a quick learner, realizing that her nipping will get her a swat and a lack of attention.

How’s that’s for a mature 3-month-old?





3 thoughts on “JEFF TIEDEMAN: Straight From The Vest — The Perfect Puppy”

  • Therese Tiedeman October 26, 2016 at 2:17 pm

    Note that there’s no mention of asking Therese’s opinion for this decision prior to holding the “golden fur ball”.

  • Helen Murphy October 26, 2016 at 3:02 pm

    I was just wondering if Therese had a vote. Puppies are pretty hard to resist. That is a lucky puppy and it sounds like you are lucky to find a smart and well behaved baby.

    1. Chuck Tiedeman & Jeff Fournier November 9, 2016 at 5:28 pm

      Hi from your family in Minneapolis!

      Two is always better.

      Glad you have a buddy for Sweetie and honored that you chose Sadie as a name. Sadie was our little Schnoodle that we lost last year to a sudden illness. We quickly realized that our other Schnoodle-Sophie needed a friend and we were fortunate to be able to adopt Sammi the Dachshund/Schnauzer rescue from Alabama.

      Happy training and future hunting adventures!


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