DAVE VORLAND: It Occurs To Me — Is Golf Possibly Still In My Life?

When I was in Grand Forks this past Wednesday, I visited two favorite golf courses, the University of North Dakota’s Ray Richards and what remains of the classic 1920s vintage Lincoln Park course.

The latter was damaged in the Red River Flood of 1997, then mutilated by the permanent dikes that were built on it. Only nine of its former 18 holes still exist.

I recalled the good old days. On Saturday mornings, I would join Gordon Henry, Fred MacGregor and other buddies for an early breakfast (when the best round of your life was still a possibility) and afterward played golf with them at Lincoln Park.

Low stakes gambling occurred on every hole — the proceeds were saved for a postseason dinner at Smokey’s Steakhouse in Ardoch, N.D.

I asked this golfer if I could include him in a photo, explaining that I now lived in the Twin Cities but once considered Lincoln Park my “home” course.

“No problem,” he responded. “Still playing?”

I said no, citing my age and physical condition.

“Nonsense,” he replied with a grin. “Get your butt back out there.”

I may take his advice.

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