DAVE BRUNER: Photo Gallery — May Snapshots

Photographer Dave Bruner’s landscape images from this past month spark the imagination. Among them, “Milky Way Night on the Prairie of N.D.,” which Dave offers this following description: “I was out until 4 a.m. in the morning on a crystal clear night this week to capture these beautiful shots of the Milky Way. There were meteor showers (falling stars) going on also, and the first photo has three of them shooting across the sky. I used this old abandoned windmill as a way to tie the total composition together. I was able to start capturing the main part of the Milky Way (Galactic Core) around 1:30 a.m. as it rose up from the horizon. That is the largest and brightest part on the lower right of the photos. The yellow light on the bottom is light pollution from a city’s lights, which were about six miles away. Your human eye can see the Milky Way of course, but a good DSLR camera set up on a tripod on a long exposure keeps gathering layers of light and color and stacks them into a total image that allows the light and colors to come out much better than your eye can see in one moment.”

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