TOM DAVIES: The Verdict — The Constitution Guarantees Rights To All

It’s becoming difficult to determine whether many people are the new “normal,” bigoted, uninformed, fully informed, hateful, uncaring or just plain stupid.

I’m referring to the uproar surrounding the U.S. attorney general taking action to enforce the constitutional rights of transgender people.

Unlike the uninformed believe, being transgender is an act of birth, the same as being gay or lesbian. It is not a choice, as so many claim.

The fact is that those who are the most vicious, including some of the media types who like to stir the racial-bigotry pot, don’t have these folks as family members, neighbors or friends.

Put yourself in the life situation that transgender individuals face. They are born with the body of one sex and the brain of the other. That would be a living nightmare in anyone’s book, but it is what it is: an act of nature over which the individuals have no control. It becomes a nightmare only because of the actions of the clueless, judgmental people who just can’t wait to attack them … or, for that matter, any other minority group.

Transgender people must be accepted, just as we must accept gay and lesbian individuals. They deserve no more and no fewer rights, no more and no less respect, than so-called “normal” people. They are, in fact, “normal” just as they are because that is how God created them (as Christians who practice their faith believe). And because they are normal, when the state or federal governments act to protect them … who is anyone else to deny them rights and protections the rest of the population enjoys?

Some say the matter should be left to the individual states. We have seen how that has turned out in North Carolina. The federal government has had to step in. Constitutional protections are for every one of us; when a state refuses to act, it is appropriate for the federal government to do so.

In The Forum on May 13, North Dakota Republican Majority Leader Al Carlson, when quizzed on a failed gay rights bill supported by Fargo Rep. Josh Boschee (D), said, “If he introduces it again, I will not support it.”

This was a measure that, in my opinion, had the support of the majority of North Dakota citizens. But that means little to Carlson, another nut case who supports Dirty Donny Trump.

Rumor has it that Kevin Cramer has become an adviser to Trump. That makes sense, since neither one of them has the open-mindedness and common sense of a rock. On the subject of this particular rant, you can also throw Al into that mix — the Three Mouseketeers.

I’ve met very few individuals I don’t like on a one-on-one, personal basis. In the realm of politics, I’m finding many whose politics I don’t like, and I don’t waste time saying so, even though that’s not the same as to say I don’t like the person.

But Dirty Donny Trump and those who support him bring out the worst in people, including me.

I don’t like liars — and if you listen to Trump, comparing what he says one day to what he says thereafter, you realize you have no idea where in the hell he stands on any subjects.

We cannot afford to have a president who is as unhinged and unbalanced as Trump. I think Trump is the most dangerous man to run for the presidency in the history of our nation.

The Hillary & Bernie bashers who read this may be screaming by now, “This is blasphemy!” But look at the record. Trump has no political record at all, but has had more wives, affairs and bankruptcies than any candidate in history.

Sanders is as clean a candidate as has ever run for office. Clinton has had the bogeymen of the Republican Party on her case forever without their scoring a win. Their claims that she lies, isn’t trustworthy, didn’t care about what happened at Benghazi and so on and so on … are simply not true. These allegations have all been disproven, but you convince a Clinton basher. All they say is “liar, liar” — but when you ask for specifics, you are met with an empty stare.

Trump caused me to evolve from a Democratic-leaning Independent to an absolute Democrat. In the Democratic ticket running against Trump and all he stands (or doesn’t stand) for, we have a choice: capable, tested and experienced Clinton or Sanders vs. the loose cannon, lying, bigoted, racist, woman-demeaning Trump. The claims against him are all factual, documented and reported in the news.

Al Carlson and Co. would be well-advised to read both the state and federal constitutions. If he doesn’t, he’s going to become very familiar with U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who will be having a one-on-one with North Dakota Attorney General Stenehjem. Once again, as it did while defending unconstitutional bills passed by the last Legislature, the state will lose.

Heidi Heitkamp needs some help in representing North Dakota in Washington, D.C. Getting rid of Rep. Kevin Cramer would be a great start. Oh, for some reinforcement from Minnesota!

* * *

A couple final thoughts …

  • Speaking of Minnesota, and more specifically Moorhead, here’s something else to ponder: Moorhead has less than half the population of  Fargo, but has many more elected city officials. Maybe it’s time for both cities to begin a study to (in the case of Moorhead) reduce the size of government and (in the case of Fargo) to increase the number of elected officials … not to diminish the role of government in either city, but to make each more efficient. This is just a suggestion. Don’t ask me how to do it, that’s for people with more experience than me to determine.
  • My quote of the day comes from FMDam.org: Isn’t it time to demand a moratorium on all spending that isn’t related to Fargo’s internal flood protection? Why are Diversion Authority insiders borrowing and spending hundreds of millions of dollars on golf courses and land acquisitions for a project that might never be allowed? Wouldn’t it be prudent to stop spending state tax money on Oxbow and rural land acquisitions, at least until we know whether the dam will receive the necessary state permits?” Amen.

3 thoughts on “TOM DAVIES: The Verdict — The Constitution Guarantees Rights To All”

  • Larry Gauper May 21, 2016 at 7:34 pm

    Totally agree with all of your points, well expressed!

  • Judge Thomas A. Davies (retired) May 24, 2016 at 6:01 pm

    thanks for you kind remarks on this and other articles Larry. I’m bad at reading the notes at the end

    1. Larry Gauper May 24, 2016 at 9:33 pm

      You’re welcome, Judge! Appreciate your work here.


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