TOM DAVIES: The Verdict — Elections Can Make You Toss Your Cookies

As I write this article on April 4, my 77th birthday, I am reminded of what happened on this day in 1972. The election for municipal judge was held on that day. This being my first and only run for elective office, I went with my wife, my best friend and his wife to see John Wayne in “The Cowboys” at Cinema 70.

As we exited the theater, my friend turned on his car radio just as WDAY’s Howard Graber was announcing that young attorney Tom Davies had won election and carried every precinct. At this point, I threw up in the back seat of his car.

I cleaned up fast. We continued on and stopped by my dad’s home on the way to my place. When we entered, Mom had tears in her eyes. Dad was sitting on the floor with what looked like war maps all over. I asked him what they were. All I got was a forlorn look. Mom prompted, “Tell him, Ron, it was your idea!”

Dad looked up and said, “We thought you were going to lose so we monitored the precincts to see where the bastards lived who didn’t support you.”

I smiled, went into the front bathroom and promptly emptied my stomach once again.

Since elections were new to me, we had planned nothing. While all others in the city election celebrated their wins or losses, I went home and went to bed.

What, you may ask, does this have to do with this article? The answer is … absolutely nothing!

Now, on to the news of the day. I’d comment on the North Dakota Democrats, but they just can’t compete with the Republicans for “stupid.” The national GOP may have a clown car for its presidential candidates, but the North Dakota GOP has traded in its clown car for a whole damned “clown train.”

When I saw God’s gift to the mental vacuum, Kevin Cramer, endorsing Donald Trump, as everyone attending the convention applauded, I knew the good old boys and girls club meeting must be in full swing.

That Trump endorsement by Cramer was equaled only by the GOP leaders having Dr. Ben (“wake me up when it’s over”) Carson and Ted (“never support N.D. farm and crop insurance programs) Cruz as their keynote speakers.

I’ve previously written about Trump’s outlandish positions here in the Extra and online at Unheralded.fish. I just cannot fathom how the locals could have asked those two clowns to speak, given their positions opposing big issues that matter to North Dakota. …

The GOP makes narrow-minded thinking and closed conventions seem like something to be admired. They are not.

I thought Wayne Stenehjem had class., I’m not sure anymore. For him to congratulate one of his competitors for the nomination (Rick Becker) but completely ignore the other (Doug Burgum) was a childish insult. For the GOP convention folks to require only Burgum’s supporters to pay to play was also childish and immature.

Doug Burgum has all the qualifications and ability to be governor. He’s not lived his life at the public trough, and when he wins in November, he will shake up the good old boys club like it’s never been shook up before.

It’s time we look at the actual qualifications of those who run for office. No one has better business credentials than Burgum, and no state needs more business reorganization more desperately than North Dakota. You can bet the party regulars will do all they can to discredit him. Good luck with that; Burgum has been successful his whole life.

He’s a smart man who surrounds himself with smart advisers, and that’s exactly what this state needs. Methinks he would not support and sign into law the blatant attempts to ignore the Law of the Land, unlike the current governor and the current attorney general.

The Democrats were somewhat low-key, but they have come up with some very credible candidates. Specifically, there is a new face in the race that just might put the driver of the GOP clown train — Rep. Kevin Cramer — out of a job.

Enter Chase Iron Eyes, Dem-NPL candidate for North Dakota’s sole seat in the House of Representatives. An American Indian activist and attorney, Iron Eyes is also a man with a criminal record that required 10 months in a minimum security prison. As a young man, he had a serious alcohol problem. Since his release 10 years ago, he has remained sober, gotten married, obtained a law degree and acquired the permission of the Bar Association to practice.

He told the cheering convention crowd, “I don’t even need to say any more. We represent the antithesis to fear, to ignorance, to hate.” His comments were a direct jab at Cramer and his prominent endorsement of Donald Trump for president.

This true son of western North Dakota is not about to let the Republicans take credit for the economic wealth due to the state’s oil boom while ignoring its negative impacts. Like Doug Burgum on the Republican side, Iron Eyes will bring the fervor, drive, energy and dedication to the state’s lone House seat which Cramer lacks. Beholden only to the people of North Dakota, and with a deep, comprehensive knowledge of problems confronting Native Americans here and across the country, as well as the state’s problems in general, he will act as a conduit of common sense.

Our criminal justice system is in desperate need of overhaul nationally. Iron Eyes’ life experience will provide an insight given to few politicians. It’s rather different from the experience many politicians do acquire with criminal justice … when they are caught doing something that ought not be done once they’ve been elected to public office.

I certainly hope Chase Iron Eyes gets the statewide media exposure he needs to 1) get him elected to the House, which will 2) send Cramer packing.

Since crafty Kevin ignored the GOP endorsement process in the past, going directly to the people, the GOP owes him nothing. Sending an intelligent, qualified person— Iron Eyes — to take his place in the House would be well-earned payback.

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  • Betsy Vinz April 7, 2016 at 3:47 pm

    Excellent piece! Hope lots of people read it and think about it . . . then vote accordingly.


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