LA VALLEUR COMMUNICATES: Musings By Barbara La Valleur — The Weekly Treat Meal

A note to Fish readers: On Jan. 2, I began a nutrition plan complete with a certified nutritionist coach. After learning that I’m a journalist and blogger, she invited me to blog about my experiences. The following is the ninth of my weekly blogs.

When my nutrition coach Christine told me I’d be able to have a “treat meal” once a week after the first two weeks on my MB® plan, I was thrilled.

Call it psychological, but for me just “knowing” that I’d be able to have some of my favorite foods and drink ― like a big juicy cheeseburger, some dark chocolate or ice cream, a tasty grilled Cheddar cheese sandwich, crispy hash browns (Rosti) or a cool glass of Kendal Jackson Chardonnay, even once a week ― was a huge relief.

It reinforced my commitment to viewing my weight-loss journey as a one-day-at-a-time process versus a year of deprivation and suffering.

I knew there would be times when our family or friends would be celebrating a life event or ― like last night ― a party we’d want to attend. Plus my husband and I really enjoy dining out at any number of superb restaurants in the area.

My MB® goals are 1) to loose 88 pounds, 2) learn about nutrition including what types of food are best for my body and 3) practice healthy eating and make it a lifelong commitment and routine. I estimate it will take me a year, if not longer, to reach those goals. And I’m fine with that.

Knowing I can enjoy some of my favorite foods and drinks is important to me.

Tater tot hotdish.
Tater tot hotdish.

Before starting this journey, I pretty much ate what I wanted, when I wanted. Although I haven’t consumed pop/soft drinks or soda for more than 40 years, I did enjoy Chardonnay on a daily basis. I exercised, but not constantly and not nearly enough. The fact that I’d had a major injury due to a horse riding accident and four nasty falls on my knees in the past few years didn’t help.

The result of that lifestyle and my falls, not surprisingly, was obesity.

Given that I also want to live to be a healthy 100-year-old, it was time for a change.

Back to my weekly treat meal. I’ve celebrated my daughter’s birthday and enjoyed a couple of favorite meals at home. A girlfriend and I enjoyed a Cuban Café meal, and our Argentinian friends recently had a fun potluck party.

But it was a recent treat meal ― my ninth ― that taught me the biggest lesson: DON’T OVERDO IT.

We were returning from a few days away at our family retreat, La Farm, about three hours from our condo. We timed the drive so we’d be able to have lunch at a good restaurant along the way.

My problem was that I ate the whole meal: a blue cheese burger with twisted fries, a glass of chardonnay topped off with a small chocolate sundae!

It wasn’t long before I felt totally stuffed and “very uncomfortable.” Hours later, I was still full and ended up not even eating dinner, which isn’t recommended.

Over the past nearly three months, I’ve been eating healthy and smaller portions that previously. So what did I learn?

A treat meal is a treat meal. I don’t “have” to eat everything on my plate! It means eating something special because I can.

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Results: I’m enjoying a weekly treat meal.

Tip: As in life, take ― and eat ― all things in moderation!

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