ABOUT US: The Fish Welcomes Shooter Dave Bruner

Spend a little time on Dave Bruner’s Flickr pages and you’ll soon realize this photographer can shoot the land as well as almost anybody.

Bruner captures his scenes both in color and black and white. Check out the shots from the Alamo in Texas or the Badlands in western North Dakota for black-and-white examples.

He’s also got a knack for accurately labeling the photos with words:  “Sunrise on the Prairie,” “Barn Cloud Dance,” “Standing Tall,” “A Stroll in the Woods” ― and those only begin to tickle the number of photos in his gallery.

As you can read in Bruner’s bio, Dave was born and raised in the small town of Carson, in southwestern North Dakota.

He’s an outdoors veteran. Exploring the outdoors on camping, fishing and hunting trips when he was young enhanced his love for anything outdoors.

Starting with a Kodak film camera around age 12, he developed an early interest in photography. With a renewed interest in photography the past few years, his shooting passion has returned.

Millions of people can shoot a sunset, but Bruner succeeds in taking you to those last minutes of light and shares them with you.

In his own words:  “My goal as a landscape and nature photographer is to capture the element of light and color in my compositions,” he says. “I try to capture the scene with the viewer in mind, to give them a feeling of being in that same place in the early morning or late evening golden hour. To capture these images with a camera so that it is recorded for future enjoyment gives me feeling of satisfaction and pleasure. My reward is capturing these natural scenes and sharing with others.”

To view more of Dave’s photos, go to www.flickr.com/photos/davebrunerphotography/. For information about purchasing Dave’s images, contact him at dsbruner@gra.midco.net.

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