LA VALLEUR COMMUNICATES: Musings By Barbara La Valleur — My Inspiration: My Sister, Sharon

A note to Fish readers: On Jan. 2, I began a nutrition plan complete with a certified nutritionist coach. After learning that I’m a journalist and blogger, she invited me to blog about my experiences. The following is the fourth of two month’s of weekly blogs that first appeared on the international Metabolic Balance® website.  Unheralded.fish will run the first eight blogs in the next two weeks to “catch up.”

(I was asked by Emmy Horstkamp, the Metabolic Balance® blogger manager in Munich (who is from Wisconsin) if I would interview my sister, Sharon Henneman, who lives in Evansville, Minn., about three hours away from me. We’ve always been close and have a great relationship. She is my inspiration for being on the Metabolic Balance® nutrition plan. This first appeared on the MB® blog website on Feb. 17.)

My sister, Sharon, who is my inspiration on this journey, recently at La Farm wearing our Dad’s deerskin jacket from the early 1950s.
My sister, Sharon, who is my inspiration on this journey, recently at La Farm wearing our Dad’s deerskin jacket from the early 1950s.

B: What was your incentive for going on the Metabolic Balance® plan?

S My incentive was to be able to go on mission trips and not slow the team down, to be able to ride horse again, to get my health and strength back, lose weight, have better sex and all kinds of stuff.

B: Who was your inspiration?

S: Carol Ulrich, who is 80 years old and is a friend who had gone to India and was able to go because she had lost over 30 pounds (on the plan) and was able to walk. She has kept it off and has actually lost more weight.

B: What were your biggest challenges in the Metabolic Balance® program?

S: The biggest challenges were not eating the kinds of bread I enjoy and drinking enough water.

B: Who was your biggest supporter?

S: No questions, it was my Metabolic Balance® coach, Christine Lindell Detweiler in Minneapolis. She was completely available to me on every level. I couldn’t have done it without her.

B: What has been your biggest reward?

S: A sense of accomplishment of succeeding with the plan.

B: What was your favorite meal?

S: I have eaten yogurt, apple and cinnamon every day since I started the plan and it’s amazing to me that I’ve never gotten tired of it. And the rye bread that my coach’s husband makes.

B: Were there any new foods or spices you tried on the Metabolic Balance plan?

S: Yes! Turmeric! I had never eaten portobello mushrooms because they are more expensive.

B: Has being on the Metabolic Balance® plan impacted your family? If so, in what way?

Sharon (right) and me at La Farm, circa late 1940s.
Sharon (right) and me at La Farm, circa late 1940s.

S: When I started Metabolic Balance®, I was in Minneapolis supporting my granddaughter, who was in the hospital waiting for a heart transplant. I had been incapacitated by a back injury and was unable to help my husband in our adult foster care home business. Being away from home helped tremendously to follow the Metabolic Balance® plan because I did not have to cook and serve food to our clients and could concentrate on my own health and well-being. As you know, both you and our sister struggle with weight, and you were both very dubious about the plan. However, as you know, you have joined me in getting your health back through Metabolic Balance. I had brought it up to my family when I first started and have answered questions. But I didn’t push it. You saw it work for me and wanted it for yourself. My struggle has been with my husband. Seeing him with his own health issues and keeping my mouth shut. I want to see him healthy.

B: What has been the emotional impact on you?

S: I have more self-confidence. I am learning to take compliments. I enjoy clothing and getting dressed up and looking good.

B: Have you taken on any new practices as a result of Metabolic Balance®?

S: Being more mindful “when” and “how” I eat.

B: When I told our Metabolic Balance® coach, Christine, that I was going to interview you for this blog, I asked her what questions she’d ask you. This is one of her questions: How do you keep yourself going when you know you have a long way to go?

S: I keep myself going by constantly looking at the goal, a healthy body and loosing 105 pounds. I started in 2015 at 265 pounds, and I believe my healthy weight is 160 pounds. I was 140 pounds when I got married 43 years ago and was very thin. I also kept a journal and reviewed my reasons for losing weight and getting healthy, I had a long list. I have to laugh because Barbara’s list is even longer! I have to say that God has been helping me all the way through, I use Scriptures and biblical principles to stay the course.

B: This is the second question Christine asked: How does losing a significant amount of weight change both you and those around you?

S: The biggest change that I have seen for myself since I lost 80 pounds is my sense of well-being and confidence. I have learned to accept compliments. Again, I enjoy shopping for clothes and getting dressed up and wearing makeup. Now, my idea of getting dressed up is different than most women. I am a “very casual” dresser, so for me, putting on a new top and jeans is “dressing up.” Most of my clothes are “new” now. It’s fun. The biggest affect I have seen on those around me is being able to physically help my husband, Don, in our business. We operate an adult foster care program in our own home. We have five clients and three floors with many stairs. Prior to entering the Metabolic Balance® program, I had been incapacitated with a bad back. I went through a program to strengthen and straighten my back at the same time I was losing weight. About a month ago, one of our residents made a comment, “You are running up and down the stairs like a kid!” I realized how much change had happened to my body in the last year.

B: What is your Metabolic Balance® goal?

S: My goal with Metabolic Balance® was to loose 100 pounds, but it’s more about “being healthy.” Our family went through many storms last year. 2015 was one of the most difficult years in my life. Being in this program has made me be able to look at last year with with “balance.”

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Results: After six weeks, I’m down one size.

Tip: Ask a relative or friend to support you on your Metabolic Balance® journey.

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