TERRY DULLUM: The Dullum File — More Scammin’

Time again, boys and girls, to have some fun with the scammers. You know, the ones who pretend to be one of your Facebook friends in an effort to separate you from your personal information and/or your money. What follows is my latest, actual conversation.

Scammer: Hi how you doing?

Me: Good.

Scammer: I’m real great happy and excited Staying home today catching up on a few things.

Me: Good deal.

Scammer: Have you heard the good news, about Mark Zuckerberg Facebook founder who help deafs, hearing,and retired on facebook?

Me: No. Say, when did you get out? You know, out of jail?

Scammer: Oh i thought you heard about it,its a Social Promo made to a few people on [active link] to benefit from the gain of the company I got $50,000 used from them,did you get yours?

Me: No, but when did you get out? You know, out of jail?

Scammer: Oh been long

Me: Not jail… but, you know… prison?

Me: Do you think I could get $50,000?

Scammer: It’s real and legal, i was doubting also when a friend of mine told me about this not until i contacted the agent in charge of all winnings, i got the money for real and it was delivered by the DHL driver

Me: Say, how was the food on the inside?

Me: Do you think I could call the agent in charge too?

Me: What was the name of the DHL driver?

Me: You still there?

[Conversation ends]

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