DAVE VORLAND: Photo Gallery — Greek Life, Fall 2015

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Here are a few more images of Greek life from Bloomington, Minn., photographer Dave Vorland who recently returned from a visit there. Among them is a night view of the Acropolis, which shows scaffolding that is being used by experts carrying out ever more sophisticated preservation of this icon of Western culture; sculpted lions, weathered by centuries of exposure to the elements, on the island of Delos; Santorini, viewed from the town of Fira; the goddess Aphrodite, weeping,  a second century A.D. Roman copy of a Greek statue, now lost, that had been created in gold and ivory perhaps a thousand years earlier; Aphrodite, playfully fending off the sexual advances of the satyr Pan, while Eros hovers encouragingly nearby; the running track at Olympia in the Peloponnes west of Athens, where the ancient games were held.


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