ABOUT US: Welcome To The Fish, Chuck Schumacher

We at the Fish would like to extend a big welcome to Chuck Schumacher. Chuck is an American karate and baseball instructor who originally hails from northwestern Minnesota, Oklee and Crookston, to be specific. Chuck has traveled many paths in his life: professional musician, woodworker, baseball coach, certified personal trainer, martial artist and baseball instructor. He and Lynn, his wife of 32 years, have raised two children, Shelley and Phillip. They moved to Franklin, Tenn., in 1990 and have lived there for the past 24 years. Chuck spent 20 of those years as a volunteer coach. He has coached all age groups at the rec level, several competitive travel teams and served as a varsity baseball hitting coach. Teaching baseball and martial arts at his facility, Chuck’s Gym, Chuck has become known for his ability to work with young athletes, motivating them to get the most of their ability while developing character traits that will benefit them later in life. The role of the parent in their child’s journey through sports, Chuck believes, is crucial to their healthy development as a player and as a person. We hope his sharing here will strike a chord in the hearts all of our athletes’ parents.

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