TERRY DULLUM: The Dullum File — A Moving Story

Yesterday, a couple of very big, very strong guys (relatives, actually) helped us move my mother’s possessions out of the Hillsboro, N.D., home where she lived for almost 60 years.

It reminded me of the time in Bismarck when we hired two movers to help us with some of the furniture in Ginny’s mother’s home after Hazel died.

The movers were a married couple who traveled the country in their own rig. Interesting job, really.

They had just come from moving Johnny Carson’s mother-in-law across the country to California.

I asked them if they got to meet Johnny. Yes, they did.

I asked them if he tipped them. Yes, he did. A thousand dollars.

I’m afraid the two very big, very strong guys didn’t get that much of a tip from me yesterday.

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