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Fair pay — what a concept

President Obama launches his quest to make the case that the federal government should require employers to pay overtime to all salaried workers who earn less than $50,000 per year.


Why we like Netflix is quite simple

For better or worse, Americans love to zone out and watch TV.

Working 60 hours a week and getting paid for only 40 of them might help explain why we watch nearly three hours of TV each day. No other leisure activity comes close.

These days, Americans are changing the way we get our TV fix. At the moment, Netflix is king of Internet TV.

“Netflix put the consumer first, giving them what they want, anytime they want it, and on any device,” says Richard Greenfield, a media industry analyst.

Best of all, you get what you want — without commercials — for $8 to $12 a month.


OMG! Bubble Wrap without the pop?

The maker of the protective packaging is modifying Bubble Wrap. Soon, the stuff won’t produce that wonderful “Pop!” when squeezed. That’s one more piece of evidence the world is coming to an end.


Some weird advice about kids and toy guns

Gee, did you know allowing your kids to play with toy guns might be a healthy thing in the long run?

Pretend gun play is generally “A-OK” and might even make kids less violent, according to some research and a parenting advice columnist for Slate.

There’s more to guns and kids in this story, half of which is an anti-gun rant that uses statistics that have been shot up and spit out so many times, they’ve become a joke. (For the record, the National Rifle Association’s stats can challenge reality, too.) See for yourself.






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