LINKS TO NEWS YOU MIGHT FIND INTERESTING: Book Shows Why Minnesota is the ‘State of Wonders’

Star Tribune photographer captures the essence of Minnesota

You’ve seen his photos.

Brian Peterson has worked for the Star Tribune since 1987. Or maybe you’ve seen Peterson’s photos published in National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and many more publications. His work has earned him a boatload of awards. His book, “Minnesota State of Wonders” probably will, too.

Peterson double-teamed the book with the Star Tribune travel editor Kerri Westenberg. The two combine using words and images to capture the state’s natural beauty in a 152-page, 10.5-by-11-inch format. Read and see spring in the northwest; summer in the southwest; fall in the southeast; and winter in the Arrowhead.

Early Christmas gifts anyone?


Time for conservatives to end denial about climate change

An opinion writer from the Washington Post interprets the pope’s all-out assault on global climate change. Last week, Pope Francis pretty much skewered conservatives and their worldview “of treating creation as raw material to be hammered into useful shape, reduces humans to mere consumers and treats inconvenient people as so much refuse.”

Whoa. There’s much more in the Post opinion piece because writer Micahel Gerson is just warming up.  Another taste:

“The Republican position (about global climate change) — either avowed ignorance or conspiracy theorizing — is ultimately unsustainable, but some still cling to it because they believe that accepting the premise that some climate change is occurring as a result of human action means accepting the conclusions of the most rabid left-wing climate activists. They fear, at least implicitly, that the politics of climate change is just a twisted road with a known destination … ceding yet another key economic sector to government control.”


Judge Scalia told the public to ask a hippie, and David Crosby responds

“Freedom of Intimacy is abridged rather than expanded by marriage. Ask the nearest hippie.” That’s just one quote from Justice Antonin Scalia’s nine-page, border line insane dissent about the Supreme Court’s ruling that makes gay marriage legal in every state.

Unlike Scalia’s brash, noisy discord, Crosby’s response is eloquent, thoughtful —almost musical — in comparison. A sample:

“Hippies and gay people are people. And we are citizens. And we live here. And we are his neighbors … And that’s how he should see us. As citizens of the United States. Voters. People who should be equal. That was the idea of the country.”


Now, you, too, can spy on the spies

The popularity of drones, or in military euphemism speak — unmanned aerial systems — keep climbing in popularity. Fodroner only $1,259, why not buy your own to operate legally anywhere you choose, of course.

Wired magazine reviews one in a family of drones made by DJI called the Phantom. They pretty much rule the sky because they’re cheap, simple to operate and the drone’s camera shoots everything but bullets. For now.


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