The planes that circle over cities for hours? Don’t worry, it’s just the FBI

The Associated Press has discovered the FBI has an air force with planes that have spied on 30 cities including Minneapolis and St. Paul since 2003. Fictitious companies that are government fronts camouflage the planes and their purpose, which, of course, has nothing to do with your Big Brother. The planes can be equipped with high-tech gadgets “that can identify thousands of people below through the cellphones they carry, even if they’re not making a call or in public,” AP says. Maybe the whackjobs in wet Texas who believe the U.S. is invading their state aren’t that far off their rockers after all.

Writer says we’re all ‘culpable’ for Cali’s drought
A New York Times journalist reports the “drought in California hit home when I was backpacking with my daughter there recently on the Pacific Crest Trail, and the first eight creeks or springs we reached were all dry.

“The crisis in California is a harbinger of water scarcity in much of the world. And while we associate extravagant water use with swimming pools and verdant lawns, the biggest consumer, by far, is agriculture. In California, 80 percent of water used by humans goes to farming and ranching. … It’s time for a fundamental rethinking of America’s food factory.”

Is Nebraska breeding Commie Cornhuskers?
What’s gotten into the Nebraska Legislature? Is the water goofed up there, too? The Daily Beast reports: “Forget everything you know about Nebraska.  In the past few days, the Cornhusker State’s Legislature has astonished the nation with the kind of legislative assertiveness that could make congressional Tea Partiers sputter in rage.”So in the last few whirlwind weeks, a state mostly known for its corn products and youth football players has banned the death penalty, started giving driver’s licenses to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!, and — take a deep breath — raised taxes.”
Jonathan Toews continues skate into land of legends

Did you hear the news? Adrian Peterson is practicing with the Vikings now? Big yawn. Forget Peterson and the NFL. It’s time to pay attention to a real athlete in a real sport.

Over in Chicago, the Blackhawks have a captain who keeps amassing heavy metal. On Wednesday, he and his team gun for another Stanley Cup.

Bleacher Report says if Jonathan Toews helps accomplish that feat, it will be for the third time in the last six years, not to mention the thick slices of gold handed to him and his last two Canadian Olympic teams.”

Green bloods know Toews was an alternative captain for the North Dakota Fighting Sioux in 2007, the second year in a row the team made it to the NCAA Frozen Four and lost under then coach Dave Hakstol.

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