TERRY DULLUM: The Dullum File — Scammin’

I like to play with scammers.  You know, the ones who use Facebook messaging to do their “business.”  I find their story lines to be fascinating, even if their command of the English language leaves something to be desired.

Below is an actual scammer conversation I had today.  Enjoy.

Scammer:  Hello, how are you doing? I am doing good and everything is going on fine with me.  I have been trying to contact you on here.  I have a very good important news to share with you on here.  Have you gotten any notification on facebook from Miss Pamela Avey?

Me:  Why no, I haven’t.

Scammer: She is the director of Dcsocial facebook promotion. which are doing promotion with facebook 10years program to benefit from the gain of the company Our name was picked randomly on Facebook here. I got $140,000.00 from them, did you get yours?

Me:  Oh, my gosh!!!

Scammer:  Are you serious you haven’t heard about it or got your own money cos UPS delivered the money to my doorstep and i did saw your name on the lucky winners list, also cos i noticed you are also entitled to get the money too, did you get yours?

Me:  That’s terrific.  No, I didn’t get the money.  Say, did you make it to Jane’s wedding?

Scammer: wow really, i got my winner money from last week and so many people have been getting theyre winner money from them now,You need to add her on facebook here and claim your winner money from her,Her name is Pamela Avery add her or i will tell her to add you now.

Me:  OK, but did you make it to Jane’s wedding?

Me: Opps, stupid me. I deleted it instead of confirming. Send it again, would you?

Scammer: no i didnt make it, This is real i got my winner money from her last week.

Me: OK, send it again.

Scammer: Have told her to add you now

Me: OK, but did you make it to Jane’s wedding?

Scammer: no

Me: Oh, that’s too bad. Where are you messaging from, by the way?

Me: Opps! I did it again. Silly me.

Me: Opps! Now I accidentally marked it as spam. What’s wrong with me today?
Sometimes our conversations go on for a long time. I find they tend to strengthen my creative writing skills a little. One ended in a very, very naughty closing scammer salutation. Very naughty.

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