ABOUT US: Welcome, Nick Hennen And ‘Now I See’

Nick Hennen began carving his own path in broadcasting at the age of 12 with an original show she both programmed, produced and hosted each weeknight called “Million Dollar Music.”

She comes from a family with deep roots in radio. His father, Jerry, sister, Jill, brothers Scott and Chris, all are lifelong broadcasters. His mother, Jeanette, was very successful in the media business as well, first selling radio advertising with Jerry, and later billboard ads for Newman Outdoor in Fargo, ND until her recent retirement.

Nick continued to work on-the-air part time at radio stations while going to school and living with his parents as they moved across the Midwest. His father was a radio sales consultant, which meant he would suggest a profit plan, train and/or employ a sales staff to keep it in place, and then move to the next project, or city. So, he gained experience in many cities as a kid up until high school, when he landed a full-time nightly position with KZZY radio station in Devils Lake, N.D. He worked from 6 p.m. to midnight, allowing little rest or time for studies before school began every weekday. Still, he refused to pass up an opportunity to work on the air and do what he loved doing, connecting with others through broadcast media.

In his senior year of high school, he moved to St. Cloud, Minn., to produce and host or co-host both morning news and midday radio shows. Upon graduation, he was promoted to news director for KKSR FM, where he remained for some time. Over the years, he was featured on morning radio shows all over the Midwest, mostly in a news capacity until his retirement from radio in 2008. He would say her favorite part of the business was discovering news stories and “live” reporting during blizzards, tornado warnings and similar emergency situations. He loved working the phones, putting the listener at the front and center of her shows, and she was very good at it.

After radio, he worked as a contributing writer for the blog Liberaland with radio host Alan Colmes in New York. He met Colmes on the social networking site Twitter, and they became trusted colleagues. He also returned to school. He was then lucky enough to intern with Fox News in New York, with the “Alan Colmes Radio Show,” earning both college credits and the esteem of her colleagues. He earned an associate arts degree in Human Resource Management at Minnesota State Community and later a bachelor of arts in Communications/Journalism with a minor in English at the University of North Dakota. He graduated in 2012.

After graduation from UND, he landed a reporter gig on the new home for Larry King, Ora TV. The job quickly became a serious career obsession, and he soon rose to the position of assignment editor at NewsBreaker TV. He left the channel in 2014 after a rash of layoffs and the dismantling of the news division. The channel still exists, though in a lesser capacity, and Nick occasionally does freelance work for NewsBreaker, mostly in the form of “tweeting” breaking news through Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets. That, in fact, has become his speciality, or at the very least her special talent.

Nick Hennen “Tweetbrk” is the most popular twitter user in the state of North Dakota, and he currently has more 28,000 followers.

Nick also has freelanced for The Weather Channel with Sam Champion and Al Roker.

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