An idea to eliminate pro sports stadium wars

For 30 years, the owners of the Professional Sports Cult have screwed the public with a subsidy bill of $17 billion. Sports loyalty, at least in Minnesota, is a one-way street. Pay the bill and watch marginal teams lose. Ahhh. But now, there’s hope for taxpayers down the road, just not in Minnesota. A bill in Congress might make public stadium fichances of the Timbernancing tougher for the cult. In reality, the likelihood of the bill passing unscathed through the ranks of Republicans is as low as the wolves winning the Super Bowl.


2014 Farm Bill still works like magic — the largest farms continue to cash in on the public’s money

The 1,000-page bill will cost U.S. tax payers $1 trillion in spending the next 10 years. The Farm Bill was supposed to eliminate direct payments to farmers. Instead, the crop insurance programs that were designed to replace the handouts now are costing taxpayers more than the subsidies ever did. So guess who’s benefiting the most.


Republican budget: More money for war; nuke the social safety net

U.S. House Republicans showed where their priorities are Tuesday in the the form of budget plan. Basically, the “policy manifesto” reveals the GOP wants to nuke the Affordable Care Act and decrease spending on other health-related programs such as Medicare, lower college subsidies and, of course, eliminate Wall Street safeguards. Republicans, however, want to spend more on the military for a total of $613 billion.  Do all that and citizens will have a “Balanced Budget for a Stronger America.”


Young Republican resigns after accusations surface about his lavish spending and shady business deals

Aaron Schock, R.-Ill., has been a naughty boy and because he misbehaved he has resigned his U.S. House seat.  The Washington Post reported Schock redecorated his office for $40,000 but then got it for free, which prompted an ethics complaint;  sent his staffers to New York for fun at a cost of another $40,000 (they used a political donor’s jet); and got into trouble after selling his house to a donor for a big, fat profit. There’s much more about the savvy 33 year old. Check it out at …


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