ABOUT US: Welcome Justin Welsh To Our Recipe Posse

Today, Unheralded.fish adds a main ingredient to the site’s food content.

Justin Welsh practices what he preaches. Welsh, you see, is a professional chef.

A native of Grand Forks, Welsh has been working in kitchens for 20 years.

In 2004, he attended school at Western Culinary Institute, a Le Cordon Bleu program in Portland, the largest city in one of the greatest state’s of the union: Oregon. (By the way, these days, Portland’s unofficial motto is “Keep Portland Weird.” And residents there encourage it.)

Welsh’s chosen specialty at school — classic French cooking — is far from weird, however. Neither was his choice of location to work as chef.

Since graduation, he has worked at the North Dakota Museum of Art as executive chef and event coordinator. Now, he practices his craft as the executive chef of the Grand Forks Country Club.

While Welsh enjoys cooking all types of food from many different cultures, French influence plays a heavy role in his technique.

Check out his first blog, “Food Muse — Beef Bourguignon” and learn how a little bit of French inspiration can produce a mouth-watering dish.

Welsh joins The Fish’s Jeff Tiedeman in blogging about food, recipes and fun. In the next few weeks, we’ll introduce you to more people who enjoy the continuing trend of everything connected to taste. A posse of four seems about right.


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