LINKS TO NEWS WORTH YOUR TIME: FCC And Net Neutrality — A Victory Against Coporate Lies And Money

‘How we won net neutrality’

Craig Aaron, president and CEO of Free Press, explains why the FCC’s decision to ensure fair treatment of all Web traffic on Internet service provider networks is a victory for the public over corporate lies and deception.

“This is what democracy looks like,” Aaron writes. “The FCC is reversing a decade of failed policies, rejecting a massive misinformation campaign from the cable and phone industries.”

The decision wouldn’t have happened without push back from the public and a diverse coalition of advocates.


Iron Range legislators lose their way

Iron Range legislators seem to care less about their constituents’ health, the water they drink and the lakes they fish and more about mining company shareholders.

The northeastern Minnesota delegation in St. Paul is challenging the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and its process of issuing a new water quality permit to the company.

“U.S. Steel, not surprisingly, is protesting,” and hasn’t followed environmental guidelines since 1992, says the publisher of Timberjay, the newspaper in Tower, Minn.


Teens, social media and clueless adults

Teens call it “social.” And they’re fanatical about it. And much more savvy about the implications of the role it plays in their lives than adults might think.

Check out this multimedia story that explains why social life of a teen in 2015 is as virtual as it is physical.


How many weird flowers do you grow?

Just because the temp dropped to 15 below this morning doesn’t mean gardeners up north aren’t thinking about spring. Maybe one will grow a plant that resembles something from the twilight zone.

Check out this story about 40 of the world’s weirdest flowers, from blossoms that look like skulls, to plants that look like a a BATFE agent who wants to enforce the ban of 5.56mm ammo.


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