TERRY DULLUM — The Dullum File: On Thin Ice

So, we’re doing this thing. It’s called “Guys on Ice.” It’s a fairly new musical comedy about ice fishing in Wisconsin. It has some great scenes and songs in it.

Not being an actor/singer/dancer-type, the nice people at the Fire Hall Theatre in Grand Forks created a role for me that doesn’t require any singing or dancing. It’s doesn’t require much acting on my part, either.

I “play” the emcee of the “Guys on Ice Half-Time Show,” a post-intermission audience participation game show. My character is sort of like Alex Trebek, only shorter. My only “acting,” aside from attempting a very questionable northern Wisconsin accent, is to affect a kind of world-weary attitude. (Come to think of it, not much of a stretch for me there, either.)

The show lends itself to a certain amount of improvisation, especially my part. So, in addition to playing the game with the audience, I like to work in some comments about what’s happening around me.

Here’s a partial listing so far.  My former employer, television in general, the city of Fargo, the Fire Hall Theatre, Brian Williams, Leinenkugel’s Beer, the state of Wisconsin, Valentine’s Day, a seemingly very nice, follically challenged gentleman in the front row, pianist Karen Braaten, hockey, a guy in the front row from Cando, N.D., “50 Shades of Grey,” a guy in the front row from Stephen, Minn., Cost-Cutters, professional football and character Ernie the Moocher played by Dave Whitcomb.

And we’re really just getting started.  I suspect future talking points will include hockey, the Oscars and more about my former employer.

We’ve had four great audiences so far. Remaining “Guys on Ice” performances are Feb. 19–21 and Feb. 26–28 at 7:30 pm. There’s one more matinee, Feb. 22 at 2 pm.   Tickets are available by calling (701) 777-4090. They are going fast. They really are.

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