Unplugged: The highs and lows of life without cable

Dropping a cable or satellite TV subscription definitely is a cost control measure. The decision to cut the cord is motivated by more than money, though, and most people still want a TV program alternative. Sony, maybe Apple, Slingbox all are or will be offering options. But having tried unplugging, one writer admits there are a few things he misses: casual viewing, channel surfing and live news and sports.


Russia’s tough times create Catch 22 for U.S. trappers

Economic forces in Russia, the world’s No. 1 fur market, have created a tougher time for U.S. trappers. Five years ago, one beaver pelt would fetch $50; now it’s half that. There are 250,000 American trappers. Animal lovers, of course, welcome the news.


How Norwegians spend their time

A Norway Post feature explains why Norwegians are visiting each other less and generally are busier than ever before. Saturdays are the time most people there do housework.

Also, is it possible John Lennon was related to Viking royalty?Find out by checking out the Post’s (The Doorway to Norway) feature about why British researchers are trying to figure out the extent of Viking ancestry among the population around Liverpool.


What about skipping consumerism on Valentine’s Day?

Her mother told her father: “You can buy me flowers any day of the year except Valentine’s Day.” Americans will spend $18.9 billion on the day, and one woman says that’s excessive, absurd and why we ought not put a price tag on love.


Artist portrays social issues with gutsy, provocative images

His name is Luis Quiles. He is an artist who portrays social issues with in-your-face graphic illustrations, realities such as drug addiction, censorship, sexism and child abuse. You will love his stuff or loathe it, but one thing’s for sure, you’ll admit his art speaks loudly and true.


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