Keystone XL Pipeline: TransCanada huffs and puffs

TransCanada may be getting nervous. The company’s announcement it may ship tar sands oil by rail is hog wash and here’s why: The economics don’t compute and the company may be rethinking the pipeline battle altogether.


Star Trek’s hope for humanity will come true. If not …

Camping Star Trek Style


In 30 years: “No longer will change be the domain of the sanctioned, the privileged, the educated and the influential. Where once we required the support and might of an organization to try to make change, we don’t need that any more. Now we can easily enlist others to create with us, and we can all harness the power of purpose. This power is already at work in the world, unleashing the power of many, not in a sentimental or moralistic sense but in the sense that most of us want to do things that matter. And this force will gain momentum and speed in the next 30 years.”


Millions of gallons of missing BP oil sits on the bottom of the Gulf

British Petroleum’s drilling rig spilled millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Some of it was recovered. Much of it wasn’t. Now, scientists have discovered some of the oil buried in the bottom of the Gulf floor.



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