VIRG FOSS: By The Shores Of Gitche Gumee . . . Er Lake Beltrami — Hockey And A Cabin, Perfect

BEMIDJI, Minn. — My big sister, Carol, keeps telling me it is OK to pamper myself a bit at this age, to enjoy the fruits of what I have acquired in my working life.

And so I am.

Here it is February now, and I’m still hanging out at my lake cabin, two months longer than I have ever stayed here. It’s not a year-around home, so I’m blessed to be here so late into the winter.

My sister’s words of wisdom of enjoying what I love most while I can hit home again last weekend.

UND’s huge hockey series at Nebraska-Omaha for first place in the league was available on TV here in Bemidji. That’s if one bought special packages that included the two channels/stations that carried the games.

I wanted very much to watch the games. I felt equally driven to stay at the cabin rather than return to Grand Forks for the weekend.

So I sprang for $9.99 to add the package that gave me the Friday game to watch, $6.99 for the Saturday package, both monthly fees.

Money well-spent. I built a fire in the fireplace to create the atmosphere. Nothing like looking out the cabin windows at the snow-covered ice with a crackling good hockey game as the entertainment.

I loved the great play from both teams in games that went into overtime each night. Fantastic action, lots of suspense. High drama. Money well-spent. Thanks again for the advice, Sis.

As long as possible, I’ve decided, I’ll hang out at the cabin I call Blue Loon this winter. I’ll make trips back to Grand Forks for Sioux hockey, to clean up some bills, dust my apartment and see friends.

And that’s how it goes by the shores of Lake Beltrami.

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