Water drained from land can mean trouble downstream

These days, there’s no such thing as a gentle rain. In response to heavy spring, summer and fall downpours, another climate change indicator, farmers have added thousands of miles of drain tile under fields to direct water to ditches and ultimately to rivers. The consequences to both farmers and the land are receiving attention. Check out MPR’s  climate series at . . .


When a coach walks away from a hockey team with class

Nothing frustrates college hockey fans more than a team’s prolonged, mysterious losing streak.

“Fire Don Lucia.” for example. Or “Fire Enter a Name.”

Usually, the fans’ cacophony to change leadership is misplaced and borders on silly. Nonetheless, there comes the time when a coaching change is necessary. Here’s a look back at how two men handled the adversity that accompanied the need to change — and they managed the move with grace and class: Mike Sertich and Jeff Sauer.



The U.S. employment rate is a big, fat lie

In an opinion piece, the chairman and CEO of Gallup says the 5.6 percent unemployment rate is bogus. Why? Because the government doesn’t count those people who have given up finding a job or those who can only find work for a few hours a week. There are 30 million Americans who fit this list. Gallup Co. deliver analytics and advice to business.


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