ABOUT US: Introducing Photographer Russ Hons

If you’re a University of North Dakota sports fan, you’ve probably seen Russell Hons shooting action at various events.

This morning, Unheralded.fish launched a slide show of photos Hons shot at Saturday’s UND vs. Idaho State basketball game.

A little background about Russ:

He has been a private investigator in Grand Forks for the past 25 years and honed his photo skills shooting surveillance, accident scenes and documents. Media publications have used Hons’ sports photos for years. He also enjoys taking portraits, wildlife, landscapes and other commissioned works.

A former swimmer for UND, and diehard UND sports fan, he has three grown sons, a stepdaughter and two grandchildren and lives in Grand Forks with his wife, Paulette.

Unheralded.fish looks forward to publishing more Hons photos in the future.

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