KIM YEAGER: Lark Nest Design — Curbside Rescue, Party of Three!

rattanchairsAlthough I am an inveterate curbside scrounger, I DO have standards. Exacting ones!

So when I saw these beauties on Sheridan Avenue in mid-December, I snapped them up, despite the snow on the ground at the time and the drivers whizzing by me on the city street at a fevered clip.

These three chairs are part of a patio set — they form a settee. The middle piece is armless, and each outside piece has one arm. They are sturdy rattan. I’ve already stripped them of their sad cushions — the spring foundation on each is in fine shape. This is how I stacked them on the patio once I unloaded them from the Escape. It was a brief, pre-Christmas thaw, and I needed to find room to stash them in the garage for the winter. (They are reposing there in a similar formation, safe and dry, atop the firewood rack!)

What vintage are they?

While they seem to have a solidly midcentury vibe, they just could be great imitations. I am researching! They will be the perfect candidates for a paint job in the spring, with vibrant new cushions upholstered in sun- and stain-resistant fabric — or a great vintage textile!

Something to “dream on” while the wind howls outside!

What is getting YOU through the winter?!


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