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Retaining older workers…

To some companies, experience and know-how matters

As Baby boomers flirt with retirement, losing veteran workers is a challenge for companies everywhere. For some businesses, losing the experience and institutional knowledge isn’t a concern — it’s cheaper to hire young workers. But not all companies share that myopic business perspective and many are trying their best to retain older employees. Check out the Minnesota Public Radio story here:

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Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge
Almost exactly a year ago, Agassiz NWR staff were fortunate to capture a photo of a wayward pronghorn doe that was spotted just east of the Refuge. This specific sighting was one of several sightings (some unconfirmed) of pronghorn in northwestern MN during 2014. This particular pronghorn was regularly seen by local individuals N. of Goodrich up until the spring. We’re not aware of any sightings after snowmelt. It’s bizzare sightings like this that help wildlife enthusiasts get through these long, cold MN winters!



‘Guntry clubs’ attract younger, richer female shooting enthusiasts
Whether you’re pro or anti-gun, society’s views and the trends regarding firearms is fun to watch. Here’s some interesting stats, according to the Washington Post: “The average age of new target shooters is 33, while 47 percent live in urban or suburban areas, and 37 percent are female, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a trade association for the firearms industry. Shooters spend $10 billion a year on target shooting, including the cost of firearms, ammunition and range fees.”
One of the latest trends to appeal to a new generation of shooters is “GUNtry clubs.”
What’s most disturbing about the development might be that, 1. NBA players are participating or 2. they’re darn expensive.

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