Twin Cities area company brews a lovely stink with roses
Some residents are complaining about a stench produced from wood chips at a business in Plymouth, Minn. “Every winter, we’re having to go through this,” one complainer said. “It doesn’t mean we have to suffer for his business.” Many cities don’t regulate stink — smell familiar?

Crosby gives Wild coach his vote of confidence
The Minnesota Wild sucks right now. Pittsburgh slaughtered the Wild Tuesday night — the team’s sixth straight pummeling and 12th in the past 14 games. But the Penguins Sydney Crosby, the NHL’s most talented player, says the team’s funk isn’t coach Mike Yeo’s fault.

Name UND teams Flickertails and get it over with
A sociologist at Northern Arizona University takes a long look at UND’s nickname and has a suggestion for a new one, sort of: The Flickertails.

Why wages won’t rise
Robert Reich, former labor secretary, professor and author, says the link between falling unemployment and rising wages has been severed. “For one thing, it’s easier than ever for American employers to get the workers they need at low cost by outsourcing jobs abroad rather than hiking wages at home. Outsourcing can now be done at the click of a computer keyboard.”

Welcome to warmer winter weather. Why?
Milder, warmer Pacific air invades the Northland keeping enemy cold systems where they belong — the Yukon. Twenties and 30s for a week anyone?

Watch the Earth do crazy things during Japan’s 2011 quake
Cracks open. Liquid oozes. Nobody has ever filmed the planet’s behavior like this.

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  • Therese Tiedeman January 15, 2015 at 10:19 am

    The earthquake film is amazing. Never saw that before!


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