About us

Welcome to Unheralded.Fish, a new site on the WWW.

Unheralded.Fish was born on Jan. 13, 2015.

Unheralded.Fish is a group of collaborators who share a genetic employment history: we all passed through the doors of the Grand Forks Herald at least once in our career.

The Herald is a newspaper that has a rich history in the world of newspaper publishing. Dozens and dozens of journalists went on and continued their careers at some of the top newspaper and publishing destinations on the planet. Many of us remain active in the fields of writing, editing, photography, design and web publishing. Our latest work will be published here.

Unheralded.Fish is in its infancy. We will grow. We will evolve.

What Unheralded.Fish readers can expect to see is relevant content that matters. Our goal is to publish relevant and useful information that informs and entertains as frequently as we can. In exchange, we get to do what truly we were born to do: practice the craft of journalism.

Unheralded.Fish is not an online daily newspaper.

What are we?

Stay tuned.

Unheralded.Fish is an infant, and as we all know, kids grow up fast.

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  1. It is refreshing to know there are real live people who know and understand what journalism is and its purpose! Go forth and hence!!! I will be looking forward to something I have seen little of recently. Am more than excited!!!

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