DAVE BRUNER: Photo Gallery — ‘Fall Colors On The Red River’

“Fall Colors on the Red River” Sheila and I went out one evening this weekend and went along the Red River for a walk and to photograph the fall colors. It was a perfectly calm evening so the reflections were nice in the water, and with an interesting sky near sunset. We also had time to shoot this portrait along …

LILLIAN CROOK: WildDakotaWoman — A Meditation On Yellow: Missouri River Watershed

Autumn in the Missouri River watershed is a yellow time. Goldenrods, Maximilian and other sunflowers, curlycup gumweed, green ash, rubber rabbitbrush and the plants of the willow family that includes aspen and the ubiquitous cottonwood — which to me is emblematic of the Little Missouri and Missouri landscape. The first hints of autumn yellow come from the late summer flowers. …

DAVE BRUNER: Photo Gallery — Fall Colors Road Trip

Grand Forks photographer Dave Bruner and his wife, Sheila, recently took a two-day northeastern North Dakota road trip to view fall colors, which were in full display. On their way to the Turtle Mountains and the Pembina Gorge, with a final stop at Turtle River State, in Cavalier they found colorful painted bales on display throughout the town.