DAVE BRUNER: Photo Gallery — Fall Colors In The Turtle Mountains

Grand Forks photographer Dave Bruner and his wife, Sheila, took a road trip this past week to the Bottineau, N.D., area to do some hiking and photography. What they found were the Turtle Mountains, in all their colorful fall beauty.


DAVE BRUNER: Photo Gallery — Mystical Horizons

Grand Forks photographer Dave Bruner’s recent road trip took him to Mystical Horizons, a unique and fascinating place in north-central North Dakota on the Scenic Byway of state Highway 43 near the town of Carbury. This “21st century Stonehenge” is an unusual yet fully functional solar calendar made of stone structures. It was built in 2005 from the vision of …

DAVE BRUNER: Photo Gallery — Swedish Zion Lutheran Church

Grand Forks photographer Dave Bruner took to the roads of rural North Dakota and the Turtle Mountains and came across Swedish Zion Lutheran Church in northern Bottineau County. The historic rural church, built in 1903, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in April 2013. The stone (granite) church, which had its origins starting in 1896, when a group …

MARTIN C. FREDRICKS IV: Four The Record — Sound Of Freedom

It’s been 26 years and 29 days since I wrote this piece. I was fresh out of North Dakota State University and in my first “real” job — editor of The Courant, the “Official Newspaper of Bottineau County, N.D.” I think of it every year about this time. I’ve always thought it’s not half-bad. I hope you do, too. For the …