DAVE BRUNER: Photo Gallery — ‘Winter In The Badlands’

Grand Forks photographer Dave Bruner and his wife, Sheila, went out to the North Dakota Badlands a couple of weeks ago in the hopes of photographing some nice winter scenes and capturing the wildlife in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in this setting. He was extremely fortunate to capture some beautiful images of the buffalo (bison), elk, deer and wild …


RUSS HONS: Photo Gallery — Western Wildlife

Grand Forks photographer Russ Hons and his wife, Paulette, traveled to western North Dakota recently, and one of their stops was at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, where they saw some beautiful fall scenery and a whole lot of wildlife.(Check out more photos from Russ Hons here.)

JEFF OLSON: Photo Gallery — Rocky Mountain National Park

Fort Collins, Colo., photographer Jeff Olson ventured out to Rocky Mountain National Park, located outside of Estes Park., Colo., on the first day of fall to check out the sights. Established in 1915, the park is family vacation destination that offers many outdoor experiences, including easy nature hikes around crystal-clear mountain lakes to daring rock scrambles up waterfalls and mountains. The …