RUSS HONS: Photo Gallery — Western Wildlife

Grand Forks photographer Russ Hons and his wife, Paulette, traveled to western North Dakota recently, and one of their stops was at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, where they saw some beautiful fall scenery and a whole lot of wildlife.(Check out more photos from Russ Hons here.)


RUSS HONS: Photo Gallery — Eagles And Cranes And Bears, Oh My!

It was just another “quiet” drive home from Thief River Falls on Sunday for photographer Russ Hons and his wife, Paulette. While stopping watch a couple of sandhill cranes in a field, two adult black bears came out of the woods. As soon as the cranes saw them, they got quite animated. The cranes squawked and ran toward the bears …

TIM MADIGAN: Anything Mentionable — The Puppy And The Pandemic

You might remember Thursday, when the stock market decline was the worst in decades and news of the coronavirus pandemic seemed to grow more grim by the hour. A bad day, for sure. And yet … There was Dave Brown. My wife and I had tickets to see the Eagles at the American Airlines Center in Dallas next week. We …

RUSS HONS: Photo Gallery — The Eagles Have Landed

    With the arrival of spring, there are a lot of birds beginning to start their migration north, including bald eagles, which also happen to live year-round in parts of the Northland, including the Red River Valley. Grand Forks photographer Russ Hons was fortunate on a couple of occasions recently to come across a few of these majestic birds …

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Signs Of Spring

A good indicator that spring has arrived is the appearance of animals that have either gone south in the fall or the emergency of those that have made themselves scarce during the long winter. Canada geese are among the former and moose the latter. Bald eagles, however, can be counted in both groups. Some winter along the Red River of the North, while …

RUSS HONS: Photo Gallery — Raptor Roundup

Raptors are birds of prey that common in the Red River Valley of the North. On his travels in the area, Grand Forks photographer Russ Hons often comes across raptors, sometimes perched in trees, sometimes feasting on carrion and sometimes just soaring in the sky. Here’s what caught his eye in recent weeks. (Check out more photos from Russ Hons here.)