ERIC BERGESON: Photo Gallery — Flora, Fauna And The Land

Arizona is much more than the Grand Canyon, as these images from photographer Eric Bergeson show. These picturesque photos taken along the Catalina Highway, Sabino Canyon and the area around Patagonia show off some of Arizona’s other beautiful sights that await travelers to the Southwest.


ERIC BERGESON: Photo Gallery — Sabino Snow

It appears not even our country’s warmer climes are immune from snow this winter. A winter storm ravaged the Southwest U.S., dumping snow on parts of Greater Los Angeles and Tucson, Ariz., before moving eastward into the Plains. Northern Arizona was hit particularly hard, with Flagstaff reporting its snowiest single day on record, with more than 35 inches of snow …

TIM MADIGAN: Anything Mentionable — ‘Glad To be Sad.’ From The Desert: Memories Of Dad

The desert mountains and majestic saguaro cacti were still in full darkness when the men convened that recent Saturday morning. There was Tim Wright, pastor of Community of Grace Lutheran Church in the Phoenix suburb of Peoria, and 20 or so guys who for years had been coming together weekly to study the Bible and discuss important things, (though the …