MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Sunlight To Sundown

Grand Forks photographer Michael Bogert captured these beautiful images over a one-hour period this weekend while sitting on a dock on a northwestern Minnesota lake.

RUSS HONS: Photo Gallery — The Sky’s The Limit

The sky has provided a backdrop for Grand Forks photographer Russ Hons the past few weeks. Whether it is a glowing sunrise or sunset, a majestic full moon or storm clouds rising, Russ displays a knack for capturing the essence of celestial beauty as it graces the Northland. Check out more photos from Russ Hons here.

RUSS HONS: Photo Gallery — Kings Walk Sunset

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Here are a couple of beautiful sunset pictures from Grand Forks photographer Russ Hons taken at Kings Walk Golf course earlier this week in Grand Forks.

RUSS HONS: Photo Gallery — North Dakota Sunset

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Spectacular sunsets are the norm in the Northland, as evidenced by these stunning images captured Tuesday by Grand Forks photographer Russ Hons.

JEFF OLSON: Daylight Dichotomy

key1 key2The weekend sun doesn’t look much different at sunrise at The Beach at Fort Meyers or at sunset from a dock at Key West, Fla., in these shots from photographer Jeff Olson of Alexandria, Va.