ERIC BERGESON: Photo Gallery — A Summer To Remember

Photographer Eric Bergeson thought he would try to ease the dreariness of winter by sharing these 2018 summer images from Bergeson Nursery near Fertile, Minn. In comparing this year’s pictures to other years, he thinks this past summer was the best growing season in memory.

DAVE BRUNER: Photo Gallery — Fall Colors Road Trip

Grand Forks photographer Dave Bruner and his wife, Sheila, recently took a two-day northeastern North Dakota road trip to view fall colors, which were in full display. On their way to the Turtle Mountains and the Pembina Gorge, with a final stop at Turtle River State, in Cavalier they found colorful painted bales on display throughout the town.

LA VALLEUR COMMUNICATES: Musings by Barbara La Valleur — Only in Minnesota: Art on Ice

For as long as the Art Shanty Projects have been around, a few years now, I’ve vowed to go — yet have never made it — until Sunday. Of course, 16-degree temperatures were no deterrent. After all, the sun was shinning. Plus, I have a warm hooded coat, terrific fur-lined boots and toasty leather gloves. Armed with my sharp metal-pointed German …

DAVE BRUNER: Photo Gallery — ‘Sun Dogs Of North Dakota’

Photographer Dave Bruner ventured out in the extreme cold (minus 25 degrees with a wind chill of minus 40) Saturday morning to try and capture some images of the sun dogs, as extreme cold is needed plus ice crystals in the air. It all came together as he was fortunate to capture this phenomenon in full detail. They formed the …

RUSS HONS: Photo Gallery — Peregrine Posturing

Raptor expert Tim Driscoll and his crew were busy at work Monday, banding new peregrine chicks born on the University of North Dakota water tower, and Grand Forks photographer Russ Hons was there. The chicks, named Chan, Julie and Carl, were carefully placed in a small dog kennel and lowered to the ground for the banding. The parents, Marv and Terminator, were not happy, …

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Signs Of Spring

A good indicator that spring has arrived is the appearance of animals that have either gone south in the fall or the emergency of those that have made themselves scarce during the long winter. Canada geese are among the former and moose the latter. Bald eagles, however, can be counted in both groups. Some winter along the Red River of the North, while …

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Winter In The Wild

  For one reason or another, not everyone gets to enjoy the beauty of nature in the wintertime. All some people have left is their imagination. Grand Forks photographer Michael Bogert isn’t one of them, as evidenced by these images he caught during some recent outings in northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Red River State Recreation Area

The Red River State Recreation Area, located in East Grand Forks, is part of the Greater Grand Forks Greenway and is located on the banks of the Red River of the North and the Red Lake River. The area, owned and managed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, came about as the result of a grass-roots effort after the Flood of 1997 that devastated …

JEFF OLSON: Photo Gallery — Yosemite National Park

  Alexandria, Va., photographer Jeff Olson recently took part in a tour of Yosemite National Park in California. Yosemite is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is famed for its giant, ancient sequoia trees, and for Tunnel View, the iconic vista of towering Bridalveil Fall and the granite cliffs of El Capitan and Half Dome. Here are some of the images Jeff captured.    

RUSS HONS: Photo Gallery — The Sky’s The Limit

The sky has provided a backdrop for Grand Forks photographer Russ Hons the past few weeks. Whether it is a glowing sunrise or sunset, a majestic full moon or storm clouds rising, Russ displays a knack for capturing the essence of celestial beauty as it graces the Northland. Check out more photos from Russ Hons here.

RUSS HONS: Photo Gallery — Predator And Prey

Wild turkeys have to keep their eyes open for predators, including hawks. Grand Forks photographer Russ Hons encountered both species on a recent road trip in northwestern Minnesota. While encounters between the two are generally random, it’s likely this turkey was well aware any hawks in the area. Check out more photos from Russ Hons here.

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Mackinac Island

Grand Forks photographer Michael Bogert and his wife, Mary, recently returned from a trip to the Great Lakes area. Among their stops was Mackinac Island, which covers 3.8 square miles in land area in the state of Michigan. It is located in Lake Huron, at the eastern end of the Straits of Mackinac, between the state’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas.