MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Urban Merlins

Merlins, also called pigeon hawks, breed in the northern Holarctic, with some migrating to subtropical and northern tropical regions in winter. In recent decades, merlin populations in North America have been significantly increasing, with some merlins becoming so well adapted to city life that they forgo migration. Swift fliers and skilled hunters, merlins specialize in preying on small birds. If you have seen them in your neighborhood, it …

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Peregrine On A Perch

Peregrine falcons have been showing up in Grand Forks since 2005. This is one of the falcons that is nesting in the water tower on the campus of the University of North Dakota. It could be Marv, the patriarch of Grand Forks’ peregrine clan the past couple of years. Named after Marv Bossart, a Fargo TV personality who died in 2013, …

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Signs Of Spring

A good indicator that spring has arrived is the appearance of animals that have either gone south in the fall or the emergency of those that have made themselves scarce during the long winter. Canada geese are among the former and moose the latter. Bald eagles, however, can be counted in both groups. Some winter along the Red River of the North, while …

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Late Winter Snapshots

Grand Forks photographer Michael Bogert took advantage of the above-average temperatures in February and early this month to capture these upper Red River Valley scenes. From old farmsteads, long-since-used automobiles and farm equipment, beautiful sunsets and wildlife, Bogert’s snapshots will make viewers yearn for a ride in the country, too.

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Of Days Gone By

Often all that remains of once-thriving farm operations are abandoned buildings such as barns and farmhouses. Farming has always been a tough way to make a living, and it wasn’t for everyone. Perhaps the original owners of these farmsteads couldn’t make a go of it — or just simply left, looking for a better life elsewhere. Grand Forks photographer recently snapped …

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Winter In The Wild

  For one reason or another, not everyone gets to enjoy the beauty of nature in the wintertime. All some people have left is their imagination. Grand Forks photographer Michael Bogert isn’t one of them, as evidenced by these images he caught during some recent outings in northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Red River State Recreation Area

The Red River State Recreation Area, located in East Grand Forks, is part of the Greater Grand Forks Greenway and is located on the banks of the Red River of the North and the Red Lake River. The area, owned and managed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, came about as the result of a grass-roots effort after the Flood of 1997 that devastated …

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Blues On The Red, August 27, 2016

Happy Harry’s Blues on the Red wrapped up its 10th season Saturday night as Left Wing Bourbon Soul Band from Eau Claire, Wis., and Chicago’s Studebaker John & the Hawks put on a show before an overflowing crowd in Town Square in downtown Grand Forks. Photographer Michael Bogert took in the fourth and final concert of the summer and offers these …

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Great Lakes Lighthouse Tour

Lighthouse have been around for a few thousand years, guiding mariners at sea and inland waterways, marking dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoals and reefs, providing safe entries to harbors. Once widely used, the number of operational lighthouses has declined due to the expense of maintenance and use of electronic navigational systems. Several are still being used on the Great Lakes. Grand Forks photographer Michael Bogert and his …

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Mackinac Island

Grand Forks photographer Michael Bogert and his wife, Mary, recently returned from a trip to the Great Lakes area. Among their stops was Mackinac Island, which covers 3.8 square miles in land area in the state of Michigan. It is located in Lake Huron, at the eastern end of the Straits of Mackinac, between the state’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas.

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — CrossingThe Border: A Public Art Installation

“Crossing The Border: A Public Art Installation,” which could be seen Saturday along both sides of the Red River near the Sorlie Bridge in downtown Grand Forks and East Grand Forks, depicted the trials and tribulations of immigration, as symbolized by local artist Guillermo Guardia. Guardia, himself an immigrant from Peru in 2002, said the 300-figurine project took four months to complete. Grand Forks …

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — New Mexico Majesty

Photographer Mike Bogert was born and raised in Grand Forks, N.D., at the bottom of the Red River Valley. The Red River was his backyard, and yes, he could see Minnesota from there. He was obsessed with photographing the mountains in and around Alamogordo, N.M., on a recent trip. Here is a small sampling of the multitude of pictures Mike took while there.

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Just Ducky

Most people are suckers for baby ducks. The sight of ducklings can lift hearts and put smiles on faces. Grand Forks photographer Mike Bogert will do just that with this collection of images taken on the English Coulee near the University of North Dakota. Some of these ducklings may have been the ones rescued from a drain sewer recently by UND police.

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — The Return Trip To Fox Lake

A pair of loons and one of mallards, a great blue heron and an eagle caught the attention of photographer Mike Bogert on a recent trip to Fox Lake in northwestern Minnesota. Fox is located on a chain of lakes connected by the Turtle River. Other lakes on the chain include Lake Beltrami, Big Turtle Lake, Movil Lake and Little Turtle Lake.

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — First Day At The Lake

The first day at the lake in the spring is always an exciting time, and Mike Bogert’s  photos taken this past week will attest to that. The birds were abundant, and the photo opportunities numerous on this northwestern Minnesota lake, making one quickly forget about the lack of television service.

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Three Rivers Petroglyph Site

The Three Rivers Petroglyph Site is one of the few locations in the Southwest set aside solely because of its rock art. Photographer Mike Bogert, who took a trip across the southwest part of the county, recently visited the site. The Three Rivers site is also one of the few sites giving visitors such direct access to petroglyphs. The number and concentration …

MICHAEL BOGERT: Welcome to The Fish!

Michael Bogert is a freelance photographer whose first interest in photography started in the mid 1970s after taking a course at Grand Forks Central High School. Despite a detour of many years, Bogert never lost interest in shooting and recently rejoined the digital age of photography. Mike enjoys trying to any of life’s moments from sunrise to sunset — the …