DAVE BRUNER: Photo Gallery — Reminders Of The Past

Dave Bruner of Grand Forks is becoming well-known for his stunning landscape photography. Here, in his own words, Dave describes three recent shoots.

“Country Sunset”: “We had one of those beautiful sunsets this past week that North Dakota is known for. You also have to be lucky and be out there at the right time to see and capture it in a photo. This old, weathered wooden shed and tree tied the sky and composition together.

“Ford Tough”: “This classic 1948-50 Ford truck is no longer in service and is now resting on the prairie landscape of North Dakota. It had this yellow paint that is now faded with parts now covered in brown rust which gives a unique color scheme to the truck. Notice it also had a front pickup guard. I was fortunate to have some nice clouds in the sky to complete this image of this classic truck.”

“Country Roads & Old Farmsteads of the Past”: “Several images of some of the old farm buildings and other items that were left as a reminder of what once was thriving farmsteads on the Great Plains. I like to document some these places with images that are interesting subjects to me.”

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — The Great Outdoors

Grand Forks photographer Michael Bogert has been at it again. Check out his latest collection of images of the outdoors, taken the past couple of weeks at various locations in the Red River Valley and Minnesota lake country.

DAVE BRUNER: Photo Gallery — Beauty in Bloom

Spring is a great time to view blooming trees, as these images from around town taken this week by Grand Forks photographer Dave Bruner confirm.

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Outdoor Cornucopia

Grand Forks photographer Michael Bogert’s recent forays into the outdoors have yielded an eclectic assortment of images, from great horned owlets and bald eaglets to ducks, geese and other waterfowl in the air and on the water to beautiful, colorful sunsets.

DAVE BRUNER: Photo Gallery — Black & White Road Trip

Grand Forks photographer Dave Bruner and his wife, Sheila, decided to take a ride out to the countryside Saturday to look for old barns and farmsteads. Here is what he found, some interesting old buildings with wispy clouds above that looked good in a black-and-white format.

DAVE BRUNER: Photo Gallery — Late Winter Snowstorm

Grand Forks photographer Dave Bruner went out a few hours during the late spring snowstorm Wednesday and captured some scenes from “hopefully our last snow for spring!”

RUSS HONS: Photo Gallery — Badlands Weekend

Grand Forks photographer Russ Hons and his wife, Paulette, took a trip to Medora, N.D., over the weekend. While there, they spent much of the time checking out the wildlife and the scenery in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  According to Russ, “I love this place!” What’s not to love? (Check out more photos from Russ Hons here.)

BARBARA LA VALLEUR: Photo Gallery — A La Farm Morning

Edina, Minn., photographer Barbara La Valleur and her husband, Arnie Bigbee, spend a lot of time at her family’s farm, appropriately named La Farm, near Ashby, Minn. A recent foggy morning provided her with this amazing photo op.

ERIC BERGESON: Photo Gallery — Desert In Bloom

Photographer Eric Bergeson recently made an 800-mile trip from Tucson, Ariz., west into California, with the intent of seeing the “superbloom” of the desert. A superbloom is a colloquial term used to define an explosion of wildflowers that exceeds typical spring blooms. Winter storms brought double the average rainfall to the area, including the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in southeastern California. The park, usually bare of flowers, has come alive with vibrant greenery, poppies, primroses and lilies because wildflower seeds that have been lying on the desert floor for years have germinated. Eric says the phenomenon is a bit overhyped, possibly due to the proximity of a major media center (Los Angeles) and about 28 million people. “It is worth doing once in a lifetime. But Minnesota residents should note that our road ditches in July have color that is more intense — we’re just so used to color by that time that we don’t notice.”



MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Late Winter Snapshots

Grand Forks photographer Michael Bogert took advantage of the above-average temperatures in February and early this month to capture these upper Red River Valley scenes. From old farmsteads, long-since-used automobiles and farm equipment, beautiful sunsets and wildlife, Bogert’s snapshots will make viewers yearn for a ride in the country, too.