ERIC BERGESON: Photo Gallery — ‘Pollinators’

Photographer Eric Bergeson knows a bit about flowers and pollination.

MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery —Majestic Monarchs

Monarch butterflies are a sight to see. Grand Forks photographer Michael Bogert recently observed this one while it was feasting on a milkweed plant, perhaps looking for a place to lay its eggs.

ERIC BERGESON: Photo Gallery — Botanical Beauty

Eric Bergeson recently visited the Tucson (Ariz.) Botanical Gardens, named by Reader’s Digest as the “BEST Secret Garden in America.” According to the its website, “The Tucson Botanical Gardens promotes responsible and appropriate use of plants and water in a desert environment through education and demonstration and provides a place of beauty and tranquility for Tucson residents and visitors.” The 40-year-old facility offers year-round tours, community events, classes and art exhibits and includes specialty gardens including the Cactus & Succulent Garden, Barrio Garden and Herb Garden, which highlight the diversity of native plants while offering a lush oasis in the heart of Tucson. Also tropical butterflies from around the world are featured in the Cox Butterfly & Orchid Pavilion from October through May.