LA VALLEUR COMMUNICATES: Musings by Barbara La Valleur — Spring Is In The Air

Longing for spring — REALLY? Nothing brightens up your day quite like a trip to Bachman’s Spring is in The Air flower show at the Galleria.

The Galleria welcomed tens of thousands of visitors since the beginning of Galleria Spring is in the Air — Bachman’s Flower Show (formerly at the downtown Minneapolis Macy’s) late last month.

According to Wendy Eisenberg, Galleria general manager, there are 2,500 parking places at the upscale Edina, Minn., shopping location. I drove around three times (surface and underground areas) for 20 minutes today without finding a spot. And I have a handicapped parking allowance! Valet parking is highly recommended!

I had to emember to … look up, look down, and all around … birdhouses (?), bikes (2) and butterflies (8) … were “hidden throughout the floral experience.” A brochure helped locate them.

There were 2,400 bulbs that were coaxed into early blooming by the experts at Bachman’s for the event according to their brochure. Over 100 different types of flowers, trees and plants are displayed in 25 different areas throughout the Galleria on both levels.

Bachman’s also has a shop in the former Chico’s if you want to take a bit of spring back home.


DARREL KOEHLER: The Prairie Gardener — Macy’s Flower Show

Can you think of a better way to get a jump on spring than going to a flower show?

Macy’s 2015 Flower Show, which opened March 22 and ended Sunday at its downtown Minneapolis department store, has been around since the 1960s and, perhaps, even longer. It is the tops in the Midwest. (Macy’s also has flower shows at its New York City, Philadelphia and San Francisco stores.)

On the final day of the show, I didn’t have to ask for directions to “Art in Bloom” when getting off the elevator on the eighth floor of Macy’s, home of the former Dayton’s and Marshall Fields department stores. I just followed my nose and the smell of spring flowers and freshly turned potting soil to the large auditorium. The auditorium has been the home to the show, with one exception several years ago, when it was on the main floor.

Upon entering the auditorium, you passed though the main entrance, which boasted a small-sized “David,” complete with a fig leaf. He changed to pastel colors, which delighted the children.

Once inside, you were transported to a horticultural art gallery made up of thousands of flowers. There, you would see unique art installations, each a tribute to a major movement in art history. There was a quiet beauty of classic art to the powerful imagery of pop art.

Attendance continues to be strong at the show, which is free to the public. Each year, about 65,000 people see the show during the two-week run. About 2,000 visitors attended within the first two hours of the opening this year. The flower show is one of the few things that distinguish the downtown Macy’s from its suburban stores.

The flowers and arrangements are handled by Bachman’s of Minneapolis. Both Macy’s and Bachman’s recognize the show as their gift to the community.

Planning for the 2016 show already is under way.